McKinney Art Studio Tour Coming Up

You may have seen some yard signs in the neighborhood around the square advertising MAST.  No,  it’s not about sailing.  It stands for McKinney Art Studio Tour and it is coming soon (November 13th & 14th).

We see artists at Second Saturday and it isn’t uncommon to see artists in the act of creation during different McKinney downtown events but the cool thing about the MAST tour is that it lets you gain admittance to the artist’s studios.  Some of these are home studios not normally open to the public. 

Another thing about getting to visit the artist’s studio, and the bit I find most interesting, is all the “ideas” that inevitably live or lurk there that may not have officially made it out of design phase and into their particular medium.  The studios are all over the place – some in McKinney, some nearby.  And they have a terrific line up of artists participating, 17 in all:

Pattie Bowler, Jake Dobscha, Pernie Fallon, Guy Giersch, Carolyn Hewitt, Lynne Hubner, Sona Knox, Debbie Little, Leo Malboeuf, Jan Martin, Laura Moore, Kerry Randol-Johnston, Anne Royer, Lucia Smith, L.C. Tobey, Carol Williams and Renee Wrenwood.

The artists represent a mix of different mediums – painting, art glass, pottery, lithography, photography and more. 

The tour will last for two days, November 13th (10 am to 5 pm) and November 14th (Noon to 4 pm).  Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at The Art House of McKinney, Laura Moore Fine Art Studios, Orisons Art & Framing Gallery and Stained Glass of McKinney

Check out the official web site for more information on the tour and on each of the artists.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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