Film Crew on Hunt and Lamar?

I know I normally have news but this time I have a question.  Does anyone know the story behind the film crew on Hunt and Lamar on Saturday?  I can find lots of folks that know that they were there but no one seems to know the story behind them.

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2 Responses to “Film Crew on Hunt and Lamar?”

  1. Janice

    They were filiming my friend’s house. She said: “As for the filming this weekend, they were actually filming the 2nd house from the corner. One of the neighbors has a kid who was a part of a student film at UNT and they needed a north facing house for some scene involving a kid getting off of or onto a bus.”
    Sure lots of activity for 1 street scene…

    • Beth

      Very neat! I’d love to see the finished product. Please let me know if it gets posted to the Internet. We have such a beautiful community and I love to see it through other people’s eyes.


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