Country Music, Pizza, Banana Bread Beer and a Winery Anniversary

I’ve had a wonderful week on the square already and it is only Wednesday night as I am writing this.  That bodes well, I think, and I am looking forward to hopefully making it down there this weekend to get into to some shops.  I have another post in the works about yoga, belly dancing and new product offerings on the square that needs some fleshing out still.

On Tuesday evening, the McKinney Creative Community met at the  Cadillac Pizza Pub to have a little dinner and conversation and to hear local celebrity Zane Williams play some of  his new material.  I haven’t been to one of the Creative Community Groups meetings before and I had a great time.  I recognized some folks. Didn’t recognize others.  I met a wonderful lady who is taking advantage of the local community college to unlock the secrets of several art forms all at the same time – metal working, wood working and pottery were some of the classes she listed.  She said that she had recently discovered how to convert an ordinary bar stool into a spinning sculpture stand.  I am still hoping to hear from her with a link on how to do this. 

I saw the owner of and had hoped to ask her about the upcoming launch of TownSquareBuzz but the opportunity never presented itself.  I am anxious to see it.  Obviously, I’m partial to square-focused news. Right now, the site links to the site but I’ve been checking it every so often to see what’s going to be there.  By the way, has one of the best event calendars apart from the city’s and it sends out an e-mail called the Daily Buzz that I really enjoy.

The Cadillac Pizza Pub event was fun.  I had arrived a little early and had already ordered a chicken fajita quesadilla (it was good but could have used some jalapenos), so I wasn’t involved in the process of the three artists sitting next to me trying to decide on what to put on a pizza to split.  I have to wonder if this was more difficult considering the creative natures of the people involved.  Farther down the table, another pizza was ordered, prepared and delivered before all of the toppings for this one were even agreed upon. In case you were wondering, the half that has pieces missing below has artichoke hearts.  Now, that is new. 

Pizza at Cadillac's Pizza Pub

Pizza at Cadillac's Pizza Pub

 I love being around artists.  I don’t consider myself personally very creative.  In fact, down right boring is more like it.  I’m working on it.  Maybe someday, I’ll produce something that is not necessarily practical.  In the meantime,  I can certainly appreciate the joie de vivre that people of the artistic temperament bring to the table. I was tickled to have gotten an invitation.  (This is an open group on Facebook).

Cadillac Pizza Pub on Urbanspoon

Zane Williams started at 7.  Now, Zane is a fairly big name around here so I had assumed that he alone was the draw that brought the Group to Cadillac’s.  That was only partially true.  It turns out that his dad, the author of the Trite But True blog, is a member of the Creative Community and there were several that hadn’t heard him before.  Although I knew of him, this was my first time too, really.  He has some great songs.  My favorites don’t appear to be on his web site though.      I am going to download “The Right Place”, “Born to Love” and “Livin’ in the Good Ole Days” but some of his best stuff appears to be live only.  A tribute to his dad about living simply … A song about people who make a life doing what they love to do even if its not going to make them rich … and a song about a man who goes on his honeymoon even though the wedding has been called off.  It’s all good stuff and I am telling everyone I know that has the remotest interest in country music about his sets during Songwriter’s night at Cadillac once a month.  His next gig there is December 7th.          

Great Music by Zane Williams

Great Music by Zane Williams

Wednesday night, my husband and I met a friend from work at The Pub McKinney where I discovered Banana Bread beer. I’m not a beer drinker.  Trying to “fit in” at the lake, I’ve acquired a taste for Bud Light but I just can’t stomach more exotic beers. Usually. I can have three sips of Guinness, which I liken to drinking Devil’s Food cake batter, before stomach says, in a tone that I know it means business, “Don’t do that again.” Banana Bread beer was a risk but it paid off.  It is light enough for my stomach not to mind and it really does  taste like banana bread.  Bonus!

Banana Bread Beer
Banana Bread Beer

My friend and I, I’ll call her “J”, had the Mandarin Spinach salad. It is usually really spectacular but I think that they may have forgotten the ale & lime vinaigrette.  The salad has got mandarin oranges and cranberries in it, so the bottom bit is always good regardless of dressing but I wish we’d had the dressing so that “J” would have had the same love for the dish as I do.  It is my “light” favorite.  Usually I get the Vegetarian Sandwich.

The Pub on Urbanspoon

It was a quiet night on the square.  It always seems eerie when the square is quiet.  Happy Trails was out and I tried to catch a shot but I didn’t adjust my setting fast enough.  The buildings are strung with lights and many shops already have their Christmas stuff up.  Giggle Brush is coming right along. It might already be open.  It was around 7 as we walked the square, so no shops were open for us to go in.  We did a little windows shopping instead. 

I’ve been trying to get a good shot of Smitten’s window at night.  This is the best I’ve come up with so far. 

Smitten Window at Night

Smitten Window at Night

We ended up our night at Landon’s Winery.  Before anyone says anything, one beer and one wine does not make anyone a sot. I do have news from Landon’s though.  They are doing great!  I asked because they had a few empty spaces on their wall and I expected, with the holidays, that there would be wine everywhere … stocked up for sale.  The lady at the counter said that their business has doubled since last year and they can’t keep their shelves full with the rate that wine is going out the door.  While we sat and had a glass of wine, another patron came in and bought a case. 

I’m tickled that they are doing so well.  I heard somewhere that this retail season is expected to be as good as 2006. They are having an anniversary party Wednesday, December 17th at 6pm.  My understanding is that they’re planning quite a little shin-ding with live music and all.

Hmmmm… that might call for another Wednesday night on the square.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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