Square Decorations and a Gift Idea: The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch has really built up a good inventory since the last time I was in.  In addition to some gorgeous jewelry and scarves they now have several items from the Fossil line that will make great Christmas gifts. I couldn’t pick a favorite purse (though I like the brown leather one that is sort of center-right.

Fossil Purses at The Olive Branch

Fossil Purses at The Olive Branch

Their line of Fossil men’s wallets marks a unique addition to the square’s offerings. I don’t know of any other boutiques with products for men so I hope this is a new trend.  Perfect time of the year to roll it out.

Men's Fossil Wallets at The Olive Branch

Men's Fossil Wallets at The Olive Branch

I didn’t intend on stopping into any shops last night but they were open so I wandered in.  I came down to take a picture of Infinity Art Academy’s holiday facade, but they were still working on it so I’m waiting  until they are done.  It already looks great and they were out with a hot glue gun adding shingles to the gingerbread house. It is really going to be something.

My next stop was home so I took just a minute to look around.  There is a feeling of anticipation on the square.  Maybe that’s just me. 

Thanksgiving Eve on the Square

Thanksgiving Eve on the Square

I can’t wait until tomorrow.  Dickens begins.  Remember, the Christmas tree lighting is Friday at 6:15 PM.  The window displays are going to be AWESOME!!  Photographers, get your equipment out because I just can’t do it justice. I’m going to try anyway but I’d love to see a real photographer (or two or three) take some shots. (Dan and Don, I’m talking to you guys specifically).

The shot I really, really want is Santa up in the second floor window above Mom & POPcorn Candy Company.  At night, there are colored lights outlining the windows and the top of the building.  The light is on in the room that he is in as he sits in a chair by the window, looking down at passersby.  It’s just so Rockwellian.  I tried to take a shot but it was too dark.

Morning Star Treasures has a really elaborate set-up in their window that looks like it moves when the store is open.  I think I’ll be throwing the little camera that can shoot video in my purse this weekend.

Window Display at Morning Star Treasures

Window Display at Morning Star Treasures

I snapped this shot of a winter scene on The Palace Barbershop.  It’s hand painted by Anne Davidson of Vital Signs.  She and I have taken a stab at getting her a Facebook Fan Page going but we still need to put more time into it.  I’m hoping that we can get her set up to be able to post shots of her signs using her mobile phone.   Vital Signs isn’t on the square (she’s down on Highway 5 where Tennessee intersects) but most folks will agree that she’s a local fixture.  She’s also a Historic District resident and a dear friend.

Window Painting on Palace Barber Shop

Window Painting on Palace Barber Shop

Oh, this year is going to be fun! I’m so excited.  I will be at Dickens several times over the weekend. 

See you there!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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