Hamm’s is Open & Canine Cookie Company’s Coming Soon

Well, I made it to Dickens for the Believe run and then again later to see the crowds. I have some great photos that I plan to post tomorrow.  In the meantime, I have some great news.

Hamm’s Custom Meats is open in their new location on Louisiana Street across the street from Mitchell Park (the park with the big water fountain).  They’ve actually been open for at least a week or so but I finally got to see inside today as they were serving smoked pulled pork rolls for the Believe runners. 

Special Breakfast Offering for Believe Race

Special Breakfast Offering for Believe Race

They have all the stuff they had before in their old location next to Main Street Magic & Fun Company – great meat, famous honey glazed hams, Texas condiments (jams, jellies, pie mixes) and gift ideas.  They also have a newly discovered ghost sign.  The new building had dropped ceilings. When they took them out, they found the old ghost sign that used to be on the exterior of the building next to them.  I think the  sign said “Tom Rattan’s Wholesale Candies” but I can’t remember now if I’ve got that exactly right.  I really didn’t think I’d possibly forget that.  I should know myself better by now.  Anyway, ghost sign buffs (I know you’re out there) will appreciate stopping by to see it as well as checking out their butcher block. The new site looks great and is definitely worth stopping by.

They also now carry Bancroft Homemade Pecan Pies and bags of sugar-roasted and Splenda-roasted pecans. They now take credit cards and they have a new web site.  For more information, check them out at http://www.hamsdelivered.com/.

Bancroft Handmade Pies at Hamm's

Bancroft Handmade Pies at Hamm's

The other big news on the square is that The Canine Cookie Company will be opening a store on the square.  You might have seen The Canine Cookie Company at the McKinney Farmer’s Market at Chestnut Square and they’ve had their doggie biscuits in several local businesses.  I spoke to the owner today where she had a tent up outside the new storefront, which is next door to Doll Haven, just down from Tom Lavy’s Stonewood Creations (which has been carrying the treats). She is ready to go and is just waiting on the Certificate of Occupancy from the city to be able to invite people in to shop.

Canine Cookies are all-natural dog treats cut into fun shapes dogs are sure to love, like squirrels.  They also make other specialty cakes and pastries for pooches.  This is a cottage industry that started from a home here in the Historic District and she has worked her buns off to keep her product out there for everyone.  It’s great to see her succeeding and growing. For more information on The Canine Cookie Company, check out their web site or follow them on their Facebook page.

That’s it for the news for now.  I’ll post about Dickens tomorrow. 

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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