Writing Workshop to be Held at MPAC

While in the throes of an especially busy tax season (the returns I do are due on March 1st), I haven’t had time to do much on the square or on the blog.  However, I recently got an email about a great event I just have to share.  On February 26th, an organization named PEN will host a writer’s workshop at the MPAC on “The Power of Poetry” and will discuss the ways poetic language can help whatever kind of writing you do and explore how writing can create positive social change, including the question of how and where to publish.

According the PEN Texas blog (http://seancotter.wordpress.com/)…

PEN is a worldwide organization of professional writers founded in 1921 to develop a literary community not bounded by politics or government and to defend freedom of expression wherever it is threatened. PEN Texas, founded in 1991 by Patton Howell, is a chapter of PEN Center U.S.A.

PEN is an acronym for Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists. PEN International works to advance literature, defend free expression, foster international fellowship and to dispel national, ethnic and racial hatreds. Among the organization’s founders were such literary luminaries as George Bernard Shaw, D. H. Lawrence, Clara Dawson Scott, Joseph Conrad and John Galsworthy.

The event is $8 in advance or $10 at the door and is scheduled from 10 to 11:30am.  To register in advance through their PayPal site, click here.

It’s funny to see Joseph Conrad’s name in the list of founders. I didn’t really like Conrad.  He has plagued me. He wrote Heart of Darkness, which I managed to not read in high school though it was assigned and also managed to not read in college, horribly mangling a quiz as a result.  I read it later as an adult (partially with the aim to stop those terrible dreams about having a final exam in a class that you had forgotten you were supposed to be attending).  Even though I tried, I sort of missed the point.  Someone said that book is supposed to be that way.  Hmpf. So if the founding names seem hoighty toighty, I’m right there with you on that.  But then, the writers I like don’t seem like the ones to organize societies like this, so I’m grateful that it was done.

Did I ever mention that what I wanted to do for a living was teach high school literature?  I believe that if you “don’t like to read”, it’s because you haven’t found the right author or subject.  I bet I could get a lot more kids reading with The Scarlet Pimpernel or Moll Flanders.  It was not in the cards as I needed to graduate quickly and a business degree was faster.  I am not a big poetry buff, but I believe that there is a science to meter.  My favorites are never on the “high brow” lists.  I must not be the only one though because the two videos below were pretty easy to find.  By the way, if you ever find a collection of Hank Snow reading Robert Service poetry, buy it. It’s the only album I miss since getting rid of my LP collection.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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