Robin Hood Review, Remodeling and New Wine Place On Its Way

Robin Hood was great. I went to the 2:00 show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, not knowing really what the show was going to be.  I know the story of Robin Hood, but I knew nothing about Word of Mouth Productions, who was putting it on.  It turned out to be a melodrama, meaning that the energy level was very high, the audience was encouraged to participate through hissing at the villainess and cheering on the hero, and the entire cast would occasionally leap from the stage and going running down the aisles.  There was one actor (who, as I suspected, turned out to be King Richard) that was probably over 40.  The majority of the troupe are young to youngish. I would guess that the majority are between the ages of 12 and 20.  One of the younger kids was the sheriff of Nottingham and it worked.  I thought he did a really good job.  Robin and Friar Tuck, as well as Maid Marian and the villainess Lady Merle, looked to be possibly seniors in high school or college freshmen.  In this portrayal of the story, Lady Merle had arranged the marriage of Maid Marion to King (Prince?) John to increase his popularity with the masses in the absence of King Richard, providing a reason for her to be saved by Robin. Robin, played by Alex Pasiecznik,  brought a tangible enthusiasm to the stage and Jorge Martin Lara Jr (who bears a striking resemblance to Eric Balfour who played Duke on the TV series Haven) played a fun Friar Tuck with a decidedly odd accent.   Overall, they all did a great job of presenting a high energy, somewhat campy, musical version of Robin Hood to delight the crowd.  Based on what I saw, I highly recommend Word of Mouth as providing good, clean entertainment that will be an especially big hit with kids but can be fun for adults too. I’ve also made the mental note to keep an ear out for the young Hannah Clay, who I thought had an outstanding singing voice. 

Two bits of news from the square this weekend: Sharla’s remodel of the building that previously housed The Cup Filler (they moved over to El Dorado & Central and changed their name) is coming right along.  I had this picture from awhile back with scaffolding still up.

Sharla's Remodel

Sharla's Remodel

I took these shots this weekend.  The scaffolding is gone now that they have finished the new artwork at the top of the building.

Sharla's Remodel

Sharla's Remodel

It looks like they are getting the painting done and it shouldn’t be too long before they open.  

Sharla's Remodel

Sharla's Remodel

The second bit of news is a new merchant coming onto the square sometime mid-April.  You might have noticed that they’ve been painting the storefront across the street from Mama Emilia’s, the spot that was previously RejuveNation Life Spa.  I asked as I walked by what was coming in and I think I lucked out and talked to the owner himself.  It will be called McKinney Wine Merchants and will sell bottles of non-native wines.  He is not planning to have tastings or be a wine bar like Lone Star Cellars or Landon Winery.  The owner is also being careful to not be a package sales place like a Siegel’s.  He will carry a little beer, he said, but not much.  What he’s aiming for should be more congruous with the square culture.  He’s already been working closely with Gregory’s Bistro (a BYOB gourmet restaurant across the street) to stock wines that will go well with Gregory’s ever changing menu.  He’ll carry some higher end stuff – you should be able to pick up a bottle of Dom there , but it sounds like he’s aiming for middle market, maybe lower high.  He’s specially ordered a snazzy case for selling chillled wines, something I don’t believe either of the other wine places on the square do to a large extent.  Landon Winery does have a refrigerated case.  I haven’t seen one at Lone Star, though they might have one out of sight. 

So, that was my big weekend this time around.  I am trying to learn how to upload some videos from my phone and will have a couple of other posts when (if) those are successful.  Next weekend is the big one with the Vintage Fashion show at MPAC on March 5th and the Krewe of Barkus Parade on the 6th.  I will definitely be down for that.  Hope to see big crowds!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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