Classes Start This Weekend at Diggin’ It

If you didn’t know it, we have our own version of Martha Stewart right here in the Historic District.  She’s not haughty, not hoighty-toighty, might even be offended that I just called her Martha.  But she’s really good at everything she does. And she does a lot.  She once had a magazine that specializes in homes and gardens ask to feature her garden.  She said no.  She’s that cool.  Having recently converted the old Greyhound bus station on Tennessee into one of the coolest little boutique shops in downtown, she’s now announced a string of classes that people can actually really use.  Of course, I’m talking about Tracey Collins. 

Even if you don’t have time to take in a class, you’ve got to come down and see what she’s done with the place.  I’ve been meaning to check out a rumor that And The Party Never Ends moved into the house that adjoins onto the old station.  I said that Diggin’ It would breed more boutiques along Tennessee Street.  I didn’t expect it to happen so fast though.

btw, Tracey said the geraniums are in and they are beautiful!

Vegetable Gardening
Saturday March 5th, 10am-11:30am
Class Fee: $10


March is a great time to garden but  also to get prepared. Sandra Byrne will share tips on what you need to get ready for the best veggie garden ever! (bed preparations, building the perfect compost, etc.)  she will also provide tips on growing vegetable varieties suited to our Texas  climate, along with harvesting and cooking information. Grow your own and live a healthier lifestyle.

Sandra Byrne is a long time veteran when it comes to gardening, landscape design and horticulture. Sandra is a graduate from North Metro Technical Institute in Environmental Horticulture; also receiving her Master Naturalist Certificate from the University of North West Florida. Sandra operated her own Landscape Design company in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for nearly 10 years specializing in Landscape and Garden Design, Floriculture and Interior Scaping. She currently is working with North Texas Landscape as a Designer.
Cooking for One Again
Saturday March 12th, 11am-1pm 
Class Fee: $15

An empty nest means time to retrain yourself in cooking for yourself and loving the process not just the food.  Use fresh herbs from Diggin” It and simple spices to roast meats & vegetables.  Get inspired to create new recipes every time you cook.  Great sampling of herb roasted veggies and recipes to take home.

Taught by Christine Lindsay a local “Jill of All Trades” who has lived in McKinney for 24 years.  Although a busy design consultant and seamstress, Christine wants to share her passion for new experiences and simple ways to cook the things you love.  Creating new recipes and finding a new joy in cooking can revitalize the kitchen experience.  A meal is not just about eating, it’s about finding soul in what you do for yourself.    Everyone has to eat, why not do it like you mean it!

Raised Beds for Backyard Organic Gardening
Saturday March 19th, 10am-12pm
Class Fee: $10
McKinney gardeners will have an opportunity to dig into raised bed gardening on March 19th. Learn how to produce high yielding, nutrient dense vegetable gardens in raised beds by enriching the soil with fertility and biology or blend your own potting mix to grow vegetables in containers and create a patio garden. Topics will address raised bed methods, organic fertilizers, building your own nursery mix, integrating minerals and biology for nutritious vegetables, gardening tips, and more!

The speaker, Steve Diver, is a former Extension Horticulturist with Oklahoma State University who has worked in organic agriculture the last 22 years. Steve has published and taught widely on permaculture, organic fruit and vegetable production, the soil foodweb, composts and compost teas, & soil fertility. He established Agri-Horticultural & Organic Consulting, an Austin-based firm, in 2010.

Broken Tile Mosaic Birdbaths
Saturday March 26th, 12:30pm-5:00pm
Class Fee: $85
In this class Fredda Perkins will guide you in lining the bowl of a small birdbath with broken china, giving a mosaic. In the process you will learn to use tile nippers, learn about the different glues and mastics used to adhere the pieces and how to grout your birdbath. All materials are provided. Wear old clothes; it can get a little messy.

This class will be offerred again Saturday April 30th, same time.

Rainwater Harvesting
Saturday April 2nd, 10:30am-12:00pm
Free, fresh, rainwater is yours for the taking!  Rainwater collecting is very easy to do in your own backyard.  Rainwater is free, clean, has no use restrictions, and plants love it!  Learn how to set up a simple rainwater collection system in your own backyard and find out how easy it is to collect and recycle one of nature’s most threatened natural resources. Participants of this FREE program will be eligible for a door prize of a free rain barrel and downspout diverter!  Additional rainwater harvesting products will be made available for sale at a reduced price.

Taught by Beth Mortenson, Chief Rainmaker of Catch the Rain, LLC, and a Licensed Texas Irrigator and Accredited Professional by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. Beth runs a local and internet-based company that specializes in residential rainwater harvesting systems. She specializes in composting, plant propagation, and sustainable gardening. She holds a BA in Government and Political Science.  Beth has spoken on numerous occasions concerning rainwater collection, rain gardens, efficient irrigation, composting, sustainable gardens, and various other topics concerning eco-friendly gardening.  Several of her articles on these topics have been published.

English Trough Pots
Saturday April 9th, 10am-12pm
Class Fee: $40
Speaker Fredda Perkins will teach you to mix and form the material needed to create your own trough. You will then take the trough home to cure and harden with instructions. This is a fun and creative process but also messy, so dress accordingly. All materials are provided.

Tabletop Birdbaths
Saturday April 16th, 10am-1pm
Class Fee: $45
Christine Lindsay will guide you in prepping, staining, and pouring concrete into a form to make a tabletop pedestal and basin for your birds or an arrangement in your home. Can be messy, so please dress accordingly.

Herb Gardening
Saturday April 23rd, 10am-11am
Class Fee: $10
Enjoy growing and using herbs in everyday life! In this class Sandra Byrne will discuss cooking, harvesting, drying, and other applications regarding herbs. We will also be sampling herbal treats at the end of class.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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