Local Yocal’s Grand Opening This Weekend & Other Stuff

Local Yocal will be having a big grand opening this weekend with a line-up worthy of one of our downtown festivals.  Friday (tomorrow) they’ll be having the traditional ribbon cutting at 5:30.  On Saturday, they will have visiting vendors from 10 am throughout the day, a petting zoo, face painting from 1:00 to 3:00, a free product give-away every half hour (starting at 11 am) and will kick off the Children’s Art Walk Art Contest. (The City’s Art Walk is coming up on April 9th).  For more info or to sign up for their email list, check out their blog.

I think the Children’s Art Walk Art Contest is a new addition to the city’s annual Art Walk festivities and is being hosted by Local Yocal this year.  Art Walk is not the same thing as the Second Saturdays.  This is “the big one”. Have you been noticing the frogs?  They’re appearing again.  Anyway, in the Art Walk, there will be over 150 artists on the square and special events. (more info here).  In the Children’s Art Contest, prizes will be awarded to the winners of each age group and each participant will receive a small token. Their art will be displayed Wednesday through Saturday for Art Walk and the week following. Check with Local Yocal for the details.

MPAC is going to be kicking off The Crucible this weekend and the top ticket price is $8.5o.  I really enjoyed the Word of Mouth production of Robin Hood there awhile back and am thinking of catching one of the opening shows for this production by the McKinney Repertory Theatre. Tickets are available on-line or at the door.

Diggin’ It got mentioned in the Dallas Morning News and the new classes, particularly on making mosaic bird baths, are a smashing success! She only had a few seats left for the class this Saturday (as of Thursday) but there’s another one on April 30th (plus lots of cool stuff between now and then).

I haven’t heard another word about it but I am hoping that Chestnut Square is still doing the Trolley Tours of the Historic District that they kicked off back in February.  The trolley meets at MPAC at 11:00 on Saturday and it is on my list to try to catch a ride this weekend if I can.

Churchill’s British Pub is having a benefit on Sunday for one of their own who has been diagnosed with cancer. They will have a live auction, give-aways and drink specials.

The City Council next working session, March 28th, at 5:30 will include a 60 minute presentation, “Regional Planning and McKinney’s Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities in the Preferred Future of North Texas”.  They pay someone extra to make that sound boring.  Just kidding.  Well, they probably don’t get paid extra.  Despite the sober title, I think that this one might be really interesting.  Two items on the agenda, “The McKinney Rail Corridor Conceptual Enginering and Funding Study” and the “Implications for McKinney – potential roles, responsibilities and opportunities”, sound like they could touch on topics of interest to downtown devotees, particularly those of us that think getting DART rail to extend up here would just be the cat’s meow.  Also on the agenda, “The Cottonbelt Corridor”, is a 62 mile rail system from southwest Fort Worth to Plano/Richardson, tying into the DART line.  I can’t even begin to imagine a Texas where it was easy to overcome the spatial difficulties presented by our sprawl.  But I’d like to.  For more information, contact Jennifer Arnold, Senior Long Range Planner for the city. I think the presentation may stream live on McKinneyVision too.

Stuff is warming up.  We have busy days ahead.

Wales Manor will kick off their 2011 Music Under the Stars Concert Series on April 2nd. I hear they have some new digs out there.

I also hear that there’s been some improvements on the Historic Flour Mill.  They’ve had at least their first wedding there now and I hope we’ll start seeing some photos come on-line in the near future.  I’ve been following the House of Hargrove on-line and it sounds like their Barn Sale and the Old Red Lumberyard Vintage Sale has started generating some real interest enticing shoppers across McDonald Street. 

I’ve heard some interesting rumors I plan to check out over the weekend.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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