Check Out This Great Video About Local Yocal

I was trying to find the city council videos on my phone today when I found this great video the City has made about Local Yocal.  They are really doing a great job making these videos.  They sound a lot like the Texas Country Reporter.

This video manages to spotlight Local Yocal and Square Burger at the same time!

Is it any wonder Square Burger is currently #6 on the “Talk of the Town” section on Urban Spoon? 

Square Burger on Urbanspoon

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “Check Out This Great Video About Local Yocal”

  1. Mike

    Square Burger was #1 for 8 months, and then recently went down. Back up to #5 now! I have seen the meat guy delivering while eating there, and he actually walks it there just like in the video. They did a Farm to Market Dinner together at Local Yocal last Saturday for Michael Martin Murphey.

    • Beth

      Wow, I don’t know how I missed hearing about the dinner. I would have swung by for a picture. I bet that was cool. Did they set up picnic benches?


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