Hyperlocalism and Scary White Rabbits

The following post has very little to do with shopping. The news for this weekend is the sale at the Old Red  Lumberyard and Living History at Chestnut Square.

What I’ve become interested in is  “hyperlocalism“.  I’m interested that this is trending.  It seems like lot of people have spontaneously come up with the same idea. At least enough to get a buzzword.  It makes me wonder.

I read an article a very long time ago about how television viewing changed over time. It posited theories of what it said about our collective psyche.  The television westerns – Bonanza, Rawhide, Gunsmoke – reflected a nostalgia for the cultural framework of the old west.  Then there was a period where we looked forward and wanted to see shows like Star Trek where there was a hope for what technology could bring us.  Following that was a period where we went backwards in time again, way back – Zena, Hercules, and Harry Potter types. I’d say now with all of the Law & Orders and CSIs, we’re back in the here and now.

Its too early to tell but what I’m wondering, hoping, is that we – collectively – are ready for something more positive? More life affirming?  Are we seeking out more postive news?  Are the days of Springer-type shows, feeding off of conflict and turmoil, over?  Boy, I hope so.

I found Flossip, a hyperlocal blog about Florence, South Carolina last week.  I’m blown away.  Look at what she has done with her blog! I don’t plan on doing that.  I do have other thoughts but I can barely keep up with this as it is. The phone app is a very nice touch though.  In the post that I’ve linked to, she has posted some of the same thoughts that I’ve had too.  That by promoting our businesses, maybe pointing out some opportunities if I see them and stopping to smell the flowers once in awhile, we can help our community. And it works, it really does.  Hyperlocal blogging plus Twitter is an incredibly powerful voice for a community. I am genuinely interested in Florence just through her “Welcome” post.

When I started this blog, it was basically on a whim.   I thought maybe I’d turn it into a home page for my own use, so I put all the links to all the stores and community sites in the sidebar. It is evolving.  But I’m not the only one doing this.  Frankly, I’m surprised that there aren’t more in McKinney.  We do have the one about Adriatica, but there is so much more to McKinney. For instance, Storybook Ranch doesn’t fall within either of our respective “beats”.  Town Square Buzz is hyperlocal but I mean where you have one person doing it all on their own.

Maybe Town Square Buzz is the next step in the evolution of hyperlocalism. Centralized. And with technical support.  I think that may be what blogTO is.  I’ve been following it since about mid March. It is a blog about Toronto, Canada.  I’d always heard what an incredibly clean city Toronto is.  I didn’t know that they had a perceived grafitti problem.  From what I’ve seen on the blog, they have an even bigger problem with the argument over what is art and what is grafitti.  Some of the grafitti is fantastic. I’m a fan of good grafitti.  I call them murals.  Propery owners call it vandalism. I see both sides and am glad we don’t have the problem. (We have tagging, which is in all cases bad).

They also recently had some absolutely phenomenal photos posted.  Yesterday there was a controlled burn and earlier in the week they posted shots of a movie set near one of their beaches.  I love the focus on pictures.  I try to always include pictures when I post, even if they aren’t great. 

Like this new business on Highway 5 called Creative by Nature.  They sell these decoy Canadian Geese for $60 ea, discounted if you buy several. Gee, I really just can’t help doing this, can I?

Decoy Geese at Creative By Nature

Decoy Geese at Creative By Nature

So, where do scary white rabbits come into this?  Well, with WordPress I get limited data on how someone found my blog.  I don’t know who used that search term so there’s no reason for paranoia.  I do look every day to see what terms are being used. I want to see what people are interested in.  For instance, I know that every day someone is looking for places on the square to have a wedding.  Certain businesses have a lot of people looking for them.  There are quite a few people trying to find out about Mama Emilia’s right now.  Generally, there should be a reason why that search found me. 

I’ve been surprised by the number of searches on chicken hats. (But really, wouldn’t everyone want one of those?).  Still, you would think relevance would play a part in what shows up in a google search. I had one post where chicken hats figured prominently. Maybe two.  “Chicken hat” was in the title of last year’s pre-Oktoberfest post, so okay.  There’s some relevance.

Me Sporting My Chicken Hat at Oktoberfest 2010

Me Sporting My Chicken Hat at Oktoberfest 2010

Recently, I had a lot of searches on “scary white rabbits”.  That means one of two things, I think. Either someone found the blog and then searched the blog for scary white rabbits (why?) or someone googled for scary white rabbits and found my blog (how?).  I ran a google search on that term and went through 30 pages of results.  It wasn’t there. If I use the search box on the blog, it doesn’t return anything so I don’t think that was the explanation.

By the way, I do have a picture on the blog of a scary white rabbit.  It was from Scare on the Square last year.  “Scary White Rabbit” was the caption. I did an image search too. Nada. 

Scary White Rabbit from Square on the Square 2010

Scary White Rabbit from Square on the Square 2010

 So? Well, so, I can’t explain how that happened.  From what I understand, it shouldn’t have been possible, but it did.  I’m not big on things I can’t explain.  That starts getting into faith.  Computers are plastic and metal, maybe a little glass.  They can’t do something on their own volition.  They can’t frolic.  It reminds me of a quote that has come to have a great deal of meaning to my faith.  (don’t laugh)

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” ~ Douglas Adams

So I shrug my shoulders and go on about my business with faith that we all end up somewhere for a reason that we may never know.

I’m  just glad that, for me, that place is McKinney.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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