I Voted! Have you?

Does anyone remember the Family Circus cartoons?  Well, my day was sort of like that on Friday.  My intention was to go to the art show at Towne Creek Apartments and then go cast my ballot at the McKinney Performing Arts Center on the square.  I did manage to do both but I also managed to take well over 100 photos in the process.  I have a massive post coming up about Finch Park and the south side of the Historic District.

Here is what I have to share from my walk from my car to MPAC:

Coffee N Cream has moved and there’s a sign up in the window for Gigi’s Cafe & Bakery. I can’t find any links for the new place yet. 

Gigi's Cafe & Bakery Coming Soon

Gigi's Cafe & Bakery Coming Soon

Landon Winery has a great bicycle in their window. Last year, they had one of the best spots along the course for Bike The Bricks, which is coming up on May 27th.  I hear there is going to be a beer garden on the square this time. That means more shade. Yay!

Landon Winery Window Display

Landon Winery Window Display

There is this terrific painting inside the McKinney Performing Arts Center.  I love it.  I just naturally assume the giant hand is going to save the stranded fish.  Does  everyone see it the same way?  The fish looks so, well, wet. How’d the artist do that?

Painting in McKinney Performing Arts Center

Painting in McKinney Performing Arts Center

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining. The air was clear.  Everything seemed so brilliant. I stopped and talked to someone from TEXPART about photography.  They want to start up a lecture series to try to separate Hollywood from the science of paranormal studies and are looking for professional photographers to discuss the challenges of nighttime shooting and natural aberrations that can occur in the normal  course of shooting and developing.  Unfortunately, I’m not that type of photographer. The lecture series sounds interesting and I’d like to hear about it. 

Back around 2000, I was volunteering at the North Texas History Center when their secretary took a picture with what could best be described as a vortex in it.  It was as if someone used a graphic effect to “swirl” part of the photo but this wasn’t a digital photo.  I’d love to know if that can happen in normal development of film.

Sunny Day on the Square

Sunny Day on the Square

I don’t know that I should even try to explain this next shot.  Like I said, today was like a Family Circus cartoon. I was everywhere.  This is not from the square but from Highway 380 and College.  We may not merit a Whole Foods or Market Street on this side of the interstate but, by golly, we are going to have a real Hispanic market! It’s going to be a big one too.  According to their web site, La Michoacana is the largest independent Hispanic grocery store chain in the US. I am really excited about this.  I’m not the only one either.  There were two other cars pulled up and checking them out at the same time as I was.  The outside is all done and it looks like the walls are all decorated along the top inside.  The shelving still needs to be assembled and everything stocked but soon we will have a brand new grocery store right next to the Historic District.

New Hispanic Grocery Store Going In on 380 & College Street

New Hispanic Grocery Store Going In on 380 & College Street

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “I Voted! Have you?”

  1. Jewel Rockmann

    Coffee N Cream is gone and a new great place Gigi’s has already opened. Its a mother/daughter biz that opened on Bike the Bricks weekend. Very friendly team and whats even better, most of the staff from Coffee N Cream are still working there. So seeing familar faces is even better. They offer homemade in shop (the owner is a baker) yummy pastries, coffee and blue bell ice cream. I really enjoy the breakfast square……SUPER! They are still trying to get things inside the shop set up – but they are OPEN FOR BIZ…..pop in and give them a shout.

    • Beth

      Hi! A friend and I stopped by but it was after 6 so they were already closed. I’ll try to get by on Friday.


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