Gigi’s Officially Open & La Misha Has Great White Sangria

There is nothing like “doing” the square with a friend, even if it is a Tuesday night. Thanks to Jewel for letting me know that Gigi’s Cafe & Bakery is officially open.  Unfortunately, I have a new work schedule that puts me on the square at 6 at the earliest so they had already closed before I could get there this evening.  I’ll try to stop by again on Friday, when I get out of work a little earlier.

Gigi's Bakery & Cafe is Open

Gigi's Bakery & Cafe is Open

My friend and I stopped by Landon Winery where she is a member.  There was a party going on and only one person running the bar but he did a remarkable job.  We lingered over a glass of wine and a cheese board.  I really like their pinot noir.

Landon Winery

Landon Winery

I like a sweet wine but not too sweet so I’ve been searching for the perfect glass of wine.  I may have actually found my perfect glass of wine just a few doors down.  After stopping at Landon’s, we decided to check out La Misha European Bistro.

La Misha European Bistro

The best drink in the square, for my taste, is their white sangria.  Wow.  It is soooo good.

White Sangria at La Misha

At La Misha, we split one of their appetizers, the Mediterranean Sampler, which turned out to be fantastic.  We kept meaning to ask our hostess what one of the samples were (the brown puree at the upper left of the plate in the picture).  I’m terrible at guessing. I just enjoy it.  It would be nice to know what it was though. It was delicious.  That and the grape leaves were my favorites, but we both liked everything on the plate.

Mediterranean Sampler at La Misha

Mediterranean Sampler at La Misha

There were a few people on the patio but we were the only ones inside.  La Misha really comes to life after dark. Not so much in people. Remember, we were the only people inside.  I mean that the decor was designed for the evening. There are so many colors.  So many shapes. The lighting inside is superb.  It really is designed to come out and play after the light from outside has lost its strength, washing over a mixture of textures and colors, angles and curves.

La Misha European Bistro

La Misha European Bistro

Speaking of shapes, you should have seen the the size of the desserts our hostess served to the outside party.  The carrot cake was the largest piece of cake I have ever seen served in my life.  I looked at it in the display case and it didn’t look unusually big. I  don’t know if she put more than one piece on the plate or what. The serving looked fantastic and huge.

The evening went so fast.  Isn’t it nice to have places like this on the square?

Popping by Urban Spoon to pick up the badge below, I just saw a picture of their lemon drop martini.  I’ll have to try one of those next time.  The irony is that, on the short walk from Landon’s to La Misha,  I had been joking with my friend about having lemon drop shots to chase away her worries. We laughed at the time at the improbability of doing any such thing.  Hmmm…. lemon drop martinis ….  not such a stretch.

La Misha on Urbanspoon

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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