One Long Weekend

Have you always been able to catch a fireworks show every night over the 4th of July weekend?  I imagine all this has been going on forever and this was just our first year to work out our schedule this way.

Walnut Creek’s firework display was great, as usual.  You can really tell that they enjoy putting it on.  They have a platform just for this that they float out into the water so that there is no threat of the fireworks coming to land.  Once the show starts, it goes on for quite awhile.  I didn’t notice it myself but someone said that the channel coming into the marina was just packed with boats that had thrown out anchors waiting to see the fireworks.

Random Texoma Sunset Shot

Random Texoma Sunset Shot

I don’t doubt it because we anchored off one of the islands to watch the Highport Marina display the next night. Wow. That was a great night on so many levels.  The shoreline across the water was lit up with boats.  There had to be hundreds.  It was such a solid line of lights, we wondered if they were all boats or if there was really that much development along the shore there.  It did turn out to be boats because we saw the line of lights evaporate after the show as all the boats made their treks back to their respective marinas.  It looked like rush hour on Texoma.  The shoreline to our north was filled with green and white lights for a good hour with a steady stream of boats practically bow to stern (to mean “bumper to bumper”) and it was the same to the south with red and white lights. (Boat’s navigational lights are red on one side and green on the other so you can tell from a distance which way they are going).

From where we were, we could see at least five different shows, probably closer to eight or nine.  Highport’s was easy to pick out.  They had one of the most elaborate shows I’ve ever seen.  Huge fireworks that made intricate patterns high up in the sky.  Disney would have been proud of their display.  Really.

The beach where we went was not anywhere near as crowded as I would have expected but there were a good number of people there.  I’m guessing around fifty people stayed past sunset.  A lot had come out for the day and left just before the sun went down.  One group had managed to somehow get a four-wheeler out to the island.  I would have loved to have seen the amphibious landing.  We’re guessing that they used it to gather firewood for several large bonfires that dotted the beach throughout the evening.

We also saw two deer swim across to the island, which were apparently surprised to find it as populated by people as it was.  As soon as their feet could find purchase with the sandy bottom, they high-tailed it into the island brush.

Spectators Gathered at Beach

Spectators Gathered at Beach

There was a fire over towards the Tanglewood area that looked like it got a bit out of hand.  I’ve been looking for news on it but I haven’t seen any reports yet.  It started after all the fireworks had ended so it was dark enough to see it clearly from where we were but we were still too far away to see if the fire was consuming trees or houses.  It looked big and it spread fast. We’re hoping no one got hurt.  I’ve found one article so far about a fire in the afternoon but nothing about a fire that night.

So, now we are back in the a/c and appreciating the long weekend.  We went down to see the car show but I pulled a real blonde moment by not looking at the map on the city’s site.  Yes, there was a car show downtown but it wasn’t on the square.  I just read that it was downtown and had it in my head that there would be classic cars around the courthouse.  We stopped in and asked a local merchant but they didn’t know where it was, so we gave up (way too easily, I know) and headed home.  We may or may not make it to see the big fireworks tonight.  We had planned to take my step-son but he turned out to have made other plans.  It sounds like a fantastic event and I’d really like to make this weekend a fireworks marathon. It’s just that the cats have this really, really good idea …

A Really, Really Good Idea

A Really, Really Good Idea

I hope everyone else found everything alright and had a great weekend.

The next big thing is Oktoberfest.  In the meantime, check out McKinney Performing Arts Center and the McKinney Summer Musicals for some very cool offerings.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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