Cadence Cyclery Open, Old Red Lumberyard July Sale Moved to Lewisville

Cadence Cyclery opened its doors yesterday.  I stopped in to ask about cruisers and they are super friendly, have a good inventory (and a dog) and didn’t look down their nose at me when I answered that the type of bicycle I was looking for was the cheap kind. In fact, they said that they could probably set me up with a really good cruiser for under a couple of hundred dollars. Definitely worth stopping in, they are on Tennessee Street across from the Throckmorton building.

As for the Old Red Lumberyard Sale, I just saw posted to the their Facebook Page and the City’s Convention and Visitor Bureau’s Facebook Page that the July sale that was to be held next weekend, July 15th & 16th, will not be going on in McKinney next weekend. Apparently they have been asked by the city to make some changes before holding another sale here.  In the meantime, the July sale will be held instead at Buchanan Markets in the Lake Pointe Shopping Center in Lewisville next Saturday the 16th (9 to 5) and Sunday the 17th (11 to 5).

I left a question on Fringe’s Facebook Page to see if they will still be open or if they will be making the trek out to Lewisville with their wares instead.  Fringe, if you didn’t know, is a separate business across the street from the Old Red Lumberyard that has monthly sales timed to coordinate with the Old Red Lumberyard.  It doesn’t look like this could have happened at a worse time  for them because they had not scheduled a sale in August, planning instead to use the time shopping for the fall sale.

Check in also on the House of Hargrove, who normally also has a sale coinciding with the Old Red Lumberyard.  Besides their barn sale,  the have a small selection of goods at the  Home & Garden Consignment on the corner of Kentucky and Louisiana Streets. Their candles are one of my favorites.  So far, I’ve tried their Vanilla Pound Cake and Warm Cinnamon Buns scents. Both are good but the Vanilla Pound Cake is just haunting.  Burn it when you have guests over and I guarantee they’ll be down to get one of their own.

I’m not with the city or associated with the Old Red Lumberyard, so I don’t know what has happened. I’m in the dark as much as anyone else.  So far, comments left on the Old Red Lumberyard site have been exceedingly polite and have not reflected any specifics or the frustration they must be feeling over having to move their sale to another city.  I have seen them grow in popularity since last year and their draw is phenomenal. They are getting a significant number of people coming to downtown to shop for antiques there and, one can reasonably assume, stop in on the square for lunch and additional shopping.  In fact, I really see the popularity of the Old Red Lumberyard monthly sale and its peripherals as the means to finally make the Historic Flour Mill and that immediate area feel like part of the downtown. Not to mention, it’s an absolutely fantastic sale.

As it stands right now, it sounds like only the July sale has been affected.  Hopefully, it will be business as usual for August.

Speaking of downtown and antiques, check out this one I found at the Antique Company Mall yesterday.  It’s a gift for a relative in San Diego.  The horseshoe on the table actually came out of our yard.  My husband dug it up and I forgot to move it before taking a shot of the dog.  It’s all part of living in the Historic District.  Isn’t that cool?

Another Find at The Antique Company Mall

Another Find at The Antique Company Mall

If you have information about the Old Red Lumberyard (or anything else), please feel free to leave comments.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “Cadence Cyclery Open, Old Red Lumberyard July Sale Moved to Lewisville”

  1. Brandy

    The Old Red Lumberyard will not be having a sale in August but will be back in September.

    Thanks so much
    Pocket Full of Heirlooms

    • Beth

      Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ll check out their Facebook for news too. Anything ya’ll need to get out to shoppers for August, please let me know and I’ll do my part to spread the word.


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