Happy Anniversary Diggin’ It!

This Saturday was Diggin’ It’s 1-year anniversary bash and the place was packed as soon as the doors were open.

Diggin It's One Year Anniversary

Diggin It's One Year Anniversary

Violinist Gaily Cowart is a new McKinney resident, having come from Pasadena, California. She says that a lot of the natives here have been trying to reassure her that, while hot is normal, this is a record heat summer in Texas.  Then she asks about the snow.  There really is no answer for that.

I’ve never seen or heard an electric violin before.  It has all the beauty of its acoustic counterpart but more “oompf”.  It was perfect for the anniversary.  Gaily is available for hire for other events too.  You can reach her at (626) 533-9833.

Violinist Gaily Cowart

Violinist Gaily Cowart

The house next door to Diggin’ It was open for the event.  They’ve done it up quite nicely inside.  They had a labyrinth in one room, antiques in another and yet another demonstration in the back.  I had just stopped in to tell Tracey congratulations and pick up a little something for my yard in support of the occasion.  I  didn’t take the time to find out who all the vendors were but she has a complete list of everyone who was there on her website, http://www.thedigginitshop.com/.

Congratulations, Tracey! I hope you have many, many more years to celebrate.

Until next time,
Happy Shopping!

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