Louisiana Street Grill Coming Soon Near Historic Flour Mill

It seems that this has been a bad season for furniture shops on the square.  McKinney Furniture Center, while its website is still up, is no longer in their space next to El Juarez Mexican Restaurant & Cantina. They may have moved and just not updated their web site yet but they are definitely no longer on the square.

Across from the Historic Flour Mill on the other side of McDonald, Magna Craft Furniture is also gone.  In their place is coming The Louisiana Street Grill.  Everything I’ve heard so far is that this is going to be a new steak restaurant.   There is no information on their web site yet but keep checking at louisianastreetgrill.com.

This will be the third restaurant attempt in that area and I have a good feeling about this one. Maybe the third time is the charm.  Both Alice’s Tea Shoppe and Sunday Dinner tried to make a go out of the building across the street from the Louisiana Street Grill but neither achieved sufficient marketing momentum to make it.  I’m still in mourning for Sunday Dinner.  A soul food restaurant, they had the best collard greens I’ve ever had and their pork chops tied with my mom’s.

Future Site of Louisiana Street Grill

Future Site of Louisiana Street Grill

I popped by the Old Red Lumberyard to see if I could take shots of whatever is going on over there in preparation for their next sale which will be in September.  The Old Red Lumberyard will not be having a sale on site this August and Fringe had already planned on taking August to go on a buying spree for new inventory. The sign on Fringe is advertising their next sale to be September 16th and 17th. Since they are pretty much timed to have their sale at the same time as The Old Red Lumberyard, that may also indicate that the whole area will back in business on that weekend. That’s just a guess though and I’ll keep checking.

Fringe - The Event

Fringe - The Event

I can sometimes be a ditz and not see something while looking right at it but I didn’t see anything that looked dramatically changed.  Of course, I didn’t really know what I was looking for.

Historic Flour Mill

Historic Flour Mill

Some of the Old Red Lumberyard vendors may be out at Buchanan Markets in Lewisville this month.  To keep up with the most current info, be sure to check out the vendors Facebook sites.  They do a great job of keeping everyone informed and also post lots of great pictures of new finds.

Old Red Lumberyard Facebook Page
Fringe The Event Facebook Page
House of Hargrove Facebook Page

I love House of Hargrove’s “Early Bird” sign but the “get’s” drives me crazy.

House of Hargrove Red Barn

House of Hargrove Red Barn

Completely unrelated and on the other side of the square, The Vintage Church is coming into the little strip center just off the square on Lamar Street, just north of the Roy & Helen Hall Public Library.  They are currently meeting at 10:30 am on Sundays in the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC).

The Vintage Church Moving In on Lamar Street

The Vintage Church Moving In on Lamar Street

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

4 Responses to “Louisiana Street Grill Coming Soon Near Historic Flour Mill”

  1. Sarah Halterman

    I own Sweet Art Bakery, which is located IN the Historic Flour Mill- so sad to see Alice’s and Sunday Dinner go too- and so Happy WE’re still here! Can’t wait for the Louisiana Street Grill- it will bring more people down our way!

    • Beth

      It will be great for more people to discover the Flour Mill. It is a gem. I finally popped in a few months ago and it is breathtaking. Congrats on the recent photos and mention in Brides of North Texas! I just saw your FB update and checked it out on the blog. Looks fantastic. Always enjoy seeing pictures of your work on your FB page too.

  2. Jesse

    Hi Beth,

    My name is Jesse Raymundo, I am the GM for Louisiana St. Grill and I found your article on us, from googling my Restaurant. Anyways I wanted to see if you would like to see the unfinished project before we add the finishing touches here in the upcoming weeks. We also still own Magna Craft and I was the owner of McKinney Furniture Center, but I would love to meet you and tell you more about my family’s new venture.

    Thanks for the well wishes,

    Jesse Raymundo

    • Beth

      I would love to see your restaurant! It’s really starting to look good. I see so much potential for the Flour Mill area and what it really needs is something like your restaurant that people will get excited about. I took today off for Oktoberfest and can swing by virtually any time. I plan to be at the event opening at 4:00, keg tapping tonight at 6:30,the weenie dog races tomorrow (I think that’s at 10, but may go all day), and there’s a birthday I need to be at at 5:30 on Saturday as well. If this weekend isn’t good for you, I work 7:30 to 4:30 in Allen (M-F) and can usually be back in town by 5.

      Please let me know when you have time. You can e-mail me at onthesquareblog@yahoo.com.


      Beth Barton


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