Summertime on the Square

I haven’t posted in awhile but it isn’t because nothing is going on.

Patina Green has been in England. (They’ve been posting some great shots on their Facebook page).

Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop has been posting photos from Ohio.

It looks like someone with La Misha is on a beach somewhere.

The shops are still open regular hours and you wouldn’t know that the owners are out and about unless you follow them on Facebook. The businesses, not the owners.  It’s an added bonus to the type of businesses we have here on the square.  No corporate drones.

In fresh news, Artisanal Food Lover’s Market  and Grotto Live both opened recently.  Cadence Cyclery is hosting a lot of bike rides and is planning the grand opening next month.  Shelby-Marilee & Company will be moving next to McKinney Office Supply some time in the near future (across the street from Gigi’s Cafe & Bakery).  The building they are currently in is for sale.  Some signature wines from Lone Star Wine Cellars won 10 awards, including the Silver medal,  in the 2011 Lone Star International Wine Competition competing against wines from 14 different states and 10 different countries. House of Hargrove has had their last weekend in Home & Garden Consignment and will be announcing a new location somewhere on the square soon. GiggleBrush Designs is looking forward to the sales tax free weekend coming up with an additional 50% off for summer clearance.

We had the Melon Dash 5k run through the Historic District weekend before last.  It looked like a great turnout.

Melon Dash 5k Through the Historic District

Melon Dash 5k Through the Historic District

The course was close to my house so I walked alongside them as they ran.  Lots of neighbors and volunteers were out cheering them on.

Great Volunteers for a Great Cause

Great Volunteers for a Great Cause

The “You’re Almost There” volunteer was particularly well placed.  By the time the runners reached the courthouse on the way back, they really needed the encouragement to continue on to the finish line instead of their cars.

Great Volunteers at Melon Dash 5k

Great Volunteers at Melon Dash 5k

Chestnut Square, where the finish line was, was absolutely packed. It doesn’t look so packed from my photo, I know, but it was.   Everyone’s spirits were high and there were smiles all around.  Farmer’s Market was underway on the other side of the parking lot.

The Finish Line

The Finish Line

It’s great seeing events like this in the neighborhood.  It was a great event sponsored by Run On, benefiting the North Texas Cat Rescue and organized by residents of the Historic District.

If you live or work in the Historic District, you might consider joining the McKinney Historic Neighborhood Association.  Actually, you don’t even have to live or work here.  It’s strictly a voluntary association and pretty much strictly social.  It is not a political group.

I’m not a super active member.  I attended the candidate forum they put on this spring for the City Council At Large campaign and I look forward to the emails.

For instance,  two dogs were recently found in the District and they sent out the pictures below looking for someone who might know who owns them. Neither were microchipped but one has an out of state tag.  Possibly new neighbors? Our e-mail network here has done a great job in the past reuniting pets and owners, getting out crime alerts (beware of these little old ladies – they are quick with their cameras), notifying us of garage sales and things of that nature. There are also quite a few parties.

I’m not sure if they’ve found the dogs’ owner yet, so, just in case…

Dog #1

Dog Found in the District

Dog Found in the District

Dog #2

Another Dog Found in the District

Another Dog Found in the District

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “Summertime on the Square”

  1. Sheri

    Thank you SO much for the great entry on Fru-gals! Alex and I really appreciate it! I’ve passed it along on my Facebook as well! See you soon!

    • Beth

      I loved meeting Alex and look forward to meeting you too. I’ll definitely be back in. I’m thinking real hard on that cookie jar.


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