Labor Day Yoga & German Beer

The City posted a video of the recent “Party on the Plaza” on YouTube. Love it!!!  I’m so proud to live here and I understand that we may have broken a record for community members showing up for a segment like this on WFAA.  Around 300 people were able to make it there in the wee hours of last Friday’s morning.  (Does anyone else here have to work? I’m so jealous.)

On a somewhat related note, what are the chances of getting Mayor Loughmiller to  run for President? Wouldn’t it be great to have a normal  candidate?

Okay, so yoga and beer …

September 5th (Monday) will be DFW’s Free Day of Yoga and Brick House Yoga on the square will be participating.  They will be having a Pilates demonstration at 8:30 am, a classical yoga class at 9:30, a beginner yoga class at 11:00 and a meditation class at 12:15.  All of these classes are FREE to the public.

Finally, I have a use for the yoga mat I bought months ago.  I bought it to use with the DVD of the mean lady from Biggest Loser.   I used to work out with a friend to that DVD and I am fairly convinced that at least one of her helpers is actually a robot.  My copy of the DVD still has the shrinkwrap on it.

I hear that Phyllis Parker with Core Pilates has moved in with Brick House Yoga to offer two great services in one location. This will be an excellent move for both Brick House Yoga and Core Pilates.  Core Pilates was previously very, very close to downtown – on Largent Street – but honestly, even I’d looked them up recently to figure out where they were. This will put them in a highly visible, highly trafficked spot.  (And very close to a pub that serves french toast with hazelnut sauce. This thinking is why my attempts to get fit are always doomed for failure.)

As for German beer, the annual Chestnut Square Oktoberfest warm-up  will be held at The Pantry Restaurant this year on September 9th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.  This is a popular event but is limited in attendance.  You must get tickets to go. They will sell out. Guaranteed. Tickets to the Oktoberfest warm-up are  $35.00 per person, $30.00 for members.  Call 972-562-8790 or e-mail to make your reservation today!

The pre-Oktoberfest, or warm-up party, will feature german food, McKinney’s own Franconia Beer, German dancers and accordion music.  I am only guessing, having come from a Czechoslovakian hometown (go Ennis Lions!),  that the German dancers and accordion music are at the same time.  (For the record, I know that Czechs are not Germans.  However, they did teach me that all good music has an accordion in it.)  I think that German dancing also has a fair bit of slapping in it, so it should be fun.

The Pantry will be serving up their grass-fed sausage, German sides, pretzel bread and apple strudel for dessert.  You can even opt to top it off with a scoop of this year’s Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank Off’s winner, “Chai Latte” (or just get it on the side).

I’ve been meaning to stop by Local Yocal and pick up a few pints to take to the office for my work group to try.  We had a tasting of a few of last year’s winner’s flavors and it was a lot of fun. I might just do that this weekend.  It’s still too hot, even to go to the lake.

I’ll close with a 20 second serendipitous video I snagged at the Polka Fest in my hometown while visiting my mom in 2007.  Good music always has an accordion.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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