Chess Lessons/Play Coming to McKinney Square

Great news!  Just wanted to share this email:

I’ve got some news to share.  Chess is coming to downtown McKinney.  Come to learn, to play, to teach, to get together with old friends and to make new friends.  Chess enthusiasts can now meet on a regular basis for lessons, open play and USCF rated tournaments in downtown McKinney.   Every level of chess lessons will be offered, from learning how the pieces move to advanced tactics for competitive play.  The Texas 2008 Amateur Champion will be teaching the intermediate and advanced classes.  Volunteers from the McKinney Chess Club will be teaching the beginner classes.  The classes are $89 for 8 lesson plus an end of course Tournament.  There will also be open play, a room set up to come every Wednesday from 4-7pm $10 Youth/Senior, $20 Adult, $40 Family for 8 weeks.  Youth Scholarships up to $100 in activity fees per calendar year are available from the Youth Recreation Benefit Fund (a fee assistance program for McKinney residents who qualify for free or reduced school lunch program).

Chess lessons and open play will start September 28, 2011, at the McKinney Performing Arts Center on the square in downtown McKinney, Wednesday afternoons from 4-7pm.  Call (972)547-2650 or visit and click on classes to register.

Susan Berger

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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