A McKinney New Year’s Resolution

I must be old.  It’s just after 10 o’clock and I’ve already been downtown and am back cozy in the house waiting for the New Year’s coverage to come on the TV.

We made a beeline tonight to Square Burger to try the beautiful Snowflake Martini.  We weren’t alone either.  The bartender mentioned that the place had been “dead” ten minutes before, had even sent a bartender home, and then he was slammed with requests for their specialty martini. It was good.  Frothy.  I’m not sure how they made a frothy martini.  Definitely alcoholic and not as sweet as I expected. I figured it would be sticky, but it wasn’t.  Maybe I was just good about not spilling it. All in all, I think it was worth the trip to try it but I don’t think that it would become a staple.

After having our Snowflakes, we took a spin around the square.  There were easily as many people window shopping tonight after 8 o’clock as there were actively shopping today around 11 am.  (We had stopped in to The Pantry for lunch earlier.)  There were people outside of Churchill’s talking about a band but there was no evidence of live music making its way out from inside.  Down the block, Dawgs & Hawgs had a great rock -n- roll band but it didn’t seem to have a big crowd.  The Grotto had to have had a band but we didn’t see them in the window as we walked by.  Cadillac Pizza Pub was apparently the place to be.  They had “doleful blues” easing out from the live band inside and it looked like it was standing room only by the bar.  Truthfully, I just like the sound of “doleful”.  Perhaps “soulful” would be a better description.  It would have been my first-choice for the evening if they’d had a little more room.

Cafe Malaga had a acoustic guitarist from Soul Vacation playing as we walked by and plenty of tables available out on the patio. He was playing a Tom Petty tune when we decided to go in and then started a Colin Hay tune while we were getting our drinks. I’ve been in love with Colin Hay since I was thirteen.  (He, incidentally, is playing at The Granada this March).  I would have liked to have spent the rest of the evening there but they closed up shop at 9:45, pretty well ending our evening.  I’ll definitely be checking out future performances by Soulful Vacation now that I know that they do Colin Hay covers.

So, happy New Year’s.

I’m lousy with resolutions for losing weight, getting in shape or correcting some other poor behavior I’m given to.  This year, I have decided to make resolutions that I want to keep.  Fun things that I’d like to do … that I’ve been meaning to do. So here’s what I have come up with so far:

I will go to at least 3 events or venues, somehow connected to McKinney, that I have never been to before.

I’m not counting the givens, like going to Ruggeri’s and the Louisiana Street Grill (its soft opening is currently scheduled for January 18th).  It’s kind of hard to tell what’s a given and what’s not though.

1.  I want to go to one of the Main Street Magic & Fun Company’s Second Saturday cabarets.  I just found out about this and have already had a long conversation with a co-worker who confused the word “cabaret” with “burlesque”.  They have a second floor that they normally use for birthdays and I expect a great magic show; however, if any of the magicians start undressing I’m outta there.

2.  Third Monday Trade Days – Believe it or not, I’ve never been to this so its on my list to do this year.

Number 3 is still up for grabs.  There’s still a lot I haven’t done. I’ve never stopped into The Cake Stand for a slice of cake.  I haven’t been to see Four Funny Females that perform at MPAC. I’ve been meaning to go to the monthly photography meetups on the square too.  Maybe that is the best one.  So, tentatively,  my third one is to really focus on the camera.  Go to the meetups.  Submit a photo to a contest, whether it has a chance or not.

To everyone out there tonight … Happy New Year’s.

May the new year bring opportunities and happiness to everyone who reads this – and everyone who doesn’t.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping


10 Responses to “A McKinney New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Dennis

    Never made it to Trade Days?? Here’s my advice: If you go on Friday the parking is free, but there are lots empty vendor spaces. On Saturday the parking is $5.00 but all of the vendor spaces are all full. Bring cash…there’s an ATM on site but you’ll get hit with the fees. Wear shoes you won’t mind getting dirty or muddy if there has been recent rain. Above all, try to avoid all the fried food 🙂

    • Beth

      Thanks for the tips. I’ve absolutely got to go to Trade Days. It’s embarassing to have lived here so long and to never have been.

  2. J Wedding

    We made it to the Pub around 9:00, enjoyed dinner and tolerated the band, then thought we’d wander the square looking for desert. I was pretty astonished at how few of the restaurants had made it past 10:30. Churchill’s, Grotto, Cadillac, the Pub and Rick’s were the only places still offering anything of note.

    Rick’s Library was full, but they had just seated a large table at 11:00 so the kitchen was kind enough to let us order desert. A nice bit of coffee and pie and a complimentary toast, and we were headed home by 12:15. Seems there’s still a lot of the sleepy little town left in McKinney!

    • Beth

      Yes, that was unbelievably fast but I’ve gotten confirmation that it is actually closed for good. On a positive note, though, Louisiana Street Grill (the new steak house going in by the Flour Mill) has a soft opening scheduled for January 18th.

    • Beth

      Btw, I just heard last night that the Artist’s Loft is carrying some hand made scarves. It may be similar to what Anomaly was supposed to be – carrying hand made crafts in addition to art. I haven’t been in yet. Have you checked it out by any chance?

  3. Dennis

    I see Gigi’s is gone already. It’s now Coffee2 (Coffee Squared). Chatted briefly with the new owner last night. He told me Gigi went back to Wisconsin.

    • Beth

      I didn’t realize she was from out of state. We have a Gigi in the Historic District and I just assumed it was the same one. I wonder if the new place will still make the orange juliets. I’m glad another coffee store went in and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.


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