Square Store Featured in Gourmet Retailer & Other News

Just a quick update on a few items of interest….

Kitchenwares on the Square, a new store that opened on Dickens weekend this past year got a fantastic write-up in The Gourmet Retailer.  Great article. I’ve got to pop in there and find out what “ice balls” are.

Over by the Flour Mill, vintage-hunter favorite Fringe – The Event is having their monthly sale this weekend. Just across the street, Louisiana Street Grill will be open 4:30 to 10 and are serving their Cedar Bar Menu and the full bar is open.  They will be going live with their full menu on January 20th.  I’m assuming that the Cedar Bar menu is a limited menu named for the huge cedar bar that runs the length of one of the walls.  There is a soft opening on the 18th but it is by invitation only.

Patina Green is off on their winter shopping event and has been posting pictures to their Facebook page.

Chick Charm has moved off of the square to a new location at 380 and Custer.  In case you miss them (they were between Special Things and Petals & Vine), they are still going strong and I just found out that the proprietress also sells Scentsy.

I think that’s all that’s new (that I know about) for the moment.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “Square Store Featured in Gourmet Retailer & Other News”

  1. Carol

    Ahhh….just found this. Great updates. Thx! I guess that means that Old Red Lumberyard isn’t out this weekend?

    • Beth

      No, according to their Facebook page there was no show this month. The next one will be February 17th & 18th. Thanks for stopping by!


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