Help Wanted, Garden Tour & Ice Cream

First off, both The Pantry and Churchill’s have signs up in their window looking for staff.  I think that Churchill’s is looking for experienced wait staff and The Pantry is looking for kitchen help (though I may have that backwards).

There is also a lot to look forward to this weekend:

The McKinney Garden Club will be hosting the 2012 “Garden Treasures” garden and home tour on June 9th from 10 am to 4 pm.  There will be six featured gardens and there are previews on the Garden Club’s website for each location.   One is Wales Manor Vineyard (almost to New Hope), two are in the Historic District (on Hunt  and Church Streets), and the rest are on the west side on Pecan Hollow Trail, Provine Road,  and Lonestar Circle.  There is an evening garden party the night before, June 8th, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

2012 McKinney Garden Club Tour

2012 McKinney Garden Club Tour

Tickets will also be available at each location on the day of the tour and can be purchased at following area retailers:

This is also the weekend for the 17th Annual Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank Off at Chestnut Square. It looks like they may be changing things up this year.  You can get a ticket to the tasting tent (12 tastes) for $15 in advance or $20 at the event and participate in picking the People’s Choice flavor.  You can also just a scoop for $2. There will be live music, food, magic shows, and plenty of family activities, plus the Farmer’s Market will be going on at the same time. Registration to be a cranker starts at 9, cranking starts at 10, and tasting at 12.  The Farmer’s Market runs from 8 till noon and the Crank Off continues until 2. This year’s winners will be announced on stage at 1:45.

The May-August edition of Town Center Connection has been posted to the City’s site and it has some exciting news for downtown enthusiasts.  You’ll have to check it out but, in a nutshell, there are three big things: the Boyd-Veigel building (the one across from Jenny Lynn’s and next to The Pantry) is being repurposed as a restaurant and is supposed to get some 1920’s style sprucing up; the First United Methodist Church has released plans for a 2-story, 21,000 square foot youth ministry building that will replace the old post office on Lamar Street (there are drawings in the Connection); and Kathryn Commons, a new residential development of four 3-story townhouses made to look like historic brick row houses, has been announced to be coming to the corner of Walnut and Tennessee.  I’m through abusing semi-colons now.  Whew!

As always, I’ve been keeping an eye on the quiet development on the square also.  There’s not a whole lot to report yet.  Snug on the Square is looking good and I hope that they’ll be open soon.  As of weekend before last, it looked like their front is ready but they are continuing to work on the inside.

Snug On The Square is Coming Right Along

Snug On The Square is Coming Right Along

One Lazy Lizard, over on Tennessee just down from Cadence Cyclery, is making headway slowly but surely.  I peeked through the window this morning and what I had thought was a room for the a/c is actually an elevator.  It is looking more and more ready and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a final push and get their doors open very quickly.

The storefront next to Rugerri’s that was most recently The Anomaly Shop has been remade into office space and has a very pretty new facade.  There is an insurance office coming in there if they aren’t already in.  I don’t know if they have the whole building or just some of the offices.

Artisanal Food Lover’s Market is coming up on their one-year anniversary in August and I understand that they are already making plans for a special celebration.  Hopefully, I’ll have more details soon. If you haven’t been in yet, I just can’t say enough about their imported olives and smoked artichokes.  Both would make excellent additions to a Father’s Day basket.

A couple of shout-outs for events off-the-square:

~ Keep an eye out for Michelle Steven Bernard’s column in Town Square Buzz for news about Bart Crow‘s new single and an upcoming concert this weekend at Hank’s Texas Grill (not on the square, I know)

~ Tickets are now available for the McKinney Summer Musical.  They’ll be performing My Fair Lady this year July 7th-8th and 12th through 15th.  It really is a phenomenal experience if you haven’t been.  It’s a very professional and talented group and the Boyd auditorium is fantastically equipped with plenty of seating, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a full orchestra pit.

We had a great parade for our very own American Idol Hollie Cavanagh weekend before last and I’ve posted pictures on the blog’s Facebook page.

Hollie Cavanagh

Hollie Cavanagh

I’ve heard varying reports of the number of people who attended but, according to the Star Local News, it was five thousand.  It was definitely a packed “house” for the concert.  The Star Local News got a great perspective shot of the crowd. There were more cameras at the event than I’ve ever seen downtown at one time and just about everyone in the crowd seemed to have their cell phone up over their head at one point or another.

Crowds Gathered for the Hollie Cavanagh Concert

Crowds Gathered for the Hollie Cavanagh Concert

Exercisers Kick It Up Upstairs At Uptown

Exercisers Kick It Up Upstairs At Uptown

It’s already shaping up to be a great summer.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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