Melodrama Coming to MPAC Early August

There’s certainly bigger news downtown, I’m sure,  but I have a soft spot for melodramas. I love the energy the audience builds boo’ing and cheering a theatre group and, for that matter, throwing popcorn at them. A word to the wise, though.  If you can not deal with a little popcorn in your hair, this may not be the show for you.

It does sound like a classic, going by the description on the McKinney Repertory Theatre’s page, chock-full of heroes and villains, good for kids and adults alike.  Ma and Pa Culpepper oversee the Last Chance Inn of Calamity Gulch where the villainous Horace Prickly has plans to seduce the Widder Black into marriage, securing her fortune for himself.  His plans are threatened to go awry, however, if the Widder’s nephew, Peter Loveless, finds a bride before the week is out and qualifies for a claim to the estate. When Peter falls for the sweet Pansy Perriwinkle, Horace’s only hope is to enlist the aid of Pansy’s mean sister, Violet, in a scheme to keep them apart.

“Return To Calamity Gulch” will be playing August 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th at 8PM and will close with a 2PM Sunday matinée on August 12th.

McKinney Repertory Theatre Presenting Return to Calamity Gulch

McKinney Repertory Theatre Presenting Return to Calamity Gulch

The Lindsey Buckingham show at MPAC on August 23rd has been sold out already.  That is going to be a busy night on the square, so it might be a good idea to make reservations if you’ll be heading down there that evening. Don’t forget about some of our recent new-comers like Louisiana Street Grill and Ruggeri’s Italian Ristorante.  Word is that One Lazy Lizard will be opening August 21st, so that is must-stop too (if for no other reason than just to see how they’ve spiffed the place up).

Ruggeri's Italian Restaurant

Ruggeri’s Italian Restaurant

There are sales and specials to be had throughout the square and lots of places to cool your heels with a cold mocha drink, alcoholic and non.  Construction continues behind brown paper in the storefronts on Kentucky (in Chick Charm’s old spot) and on Tennessee (in Shelby-Marilee’s old spot) but no word on what’s coming into those spots.

The Boyd-Veigel building has removed the plywood fronting and progress is now visible. Last I heard, this will be a new restaurant.

Construction Continues on Boyd-Veigel Building

Construction Continues on Boyd-Veigel Building

Our next big thing will be Oktoberfest, which comes in September.  For now, it’s just hot and most of us are hiding in the a/c. My trips down to the square are generally in the (very) early morning and short.  At just before 10AM this past Saturday, it seemed other shoppers had the same idea and were waiting impatiently for shops to open so that they could get back in before the heat of the day could set in.

One more shot as I close. The Bungalow Company has finished another house over on Jones Street.  I can’t wait to see what they put up on the two lots they have over on Virginia (heading west out of downtown).

Another Bungalow Company House Completed (Jones Street)

Another Bungalow Company House Completed (Jones Street)

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

4 Responses to “Melodrama Coming to MPAC Early August”

  1. McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau

    We’re happy to report that the McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau is also going into the Boyd-Veigel building, one of the center spots, along with at least a couple restaurants. We’re not sure who else will be sharing the building with us, but we’re so excited to finally be coming to the square where we belong. (Our move in date is early November!)

    • Beth

      That is going to be great. That’s a wonderful location and it just makes so much sense for you guys to be accessible (sp?) on the square. I look forward to running into you more often!


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