One Lazy Lizard is Open!

“Everything is so good.  Even the broccoli.  You’ve got to try some,” I said and waved my fork over the broccoli on my plate.

He speared a piece, put it in his mouth, and said,”Oh my God.”

“I know,” I said. “That is what broccoli should taste like.”

“No,” he said. “That is what butter should taste like.”

That is pretty much a verbatim snippet from our dinner conversation at One Lazy Lizard Friday before last.  They had only been open three days at that point.  If they can keep up this kind of quality at $17 an entrée, they will build a devout following in no time.

I had the grilled salmon with broccoli and potatoes and my better half had the pork loin with green beans and some other side that I can’t remember.  We highly recommend both plates.  Especially the broccoli. I know it’s stupid thing to get stuck on but it was so good.

We also tried two of their appetizers – lizard legs and lizard tails.  The lizard legs are halved jalapenos filled with cheese and bacon.  These are spicy. They are not fiddling around with their fresh jalapenos.  Unlike every other stuffed jalapeno appetizer I’ve ever had, you know that you are eating a fresh jalapeno.  One order is six pieces (three jalapenos), and by the end, I have to say that I did get accustomed to the spicy jolt of the pepper, but don’t be surprised if you tear up a little.  This is not an appetizer for wimps.

The lizard legs are terriyaki steak kabobs.  We got three skewers on a plate and they were very good.  This is a great alternative to the lizard tails but they also pair really well.

Lazy Lizard is Open

Lazy Lizard is Open

One Lazy Lizard is in the old WOW building on the square on Tennessee Street close to Cadence Cyclery.  It’s an easy walk from the free parking at Tennessee and Davis Streets.

This is definitely worth checking out.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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