Seems Everything is Under Construction

The crazy lady running around the Historic District this morning wielding a camera and singing “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree” (poorly)  was me.  I had a list of photos I wanted to take but I had to stop when I saw the yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree.  Do you ever see things like this and wonder about the significance?  Who is coming home? What is their story? Is it a soldier coming home?   Is it someone who has just been gone awhile?

I’ve been seeing a lot of the District in the early morning hours as I’ve been trying to get ready for a 15K in February.  Have you ever had a friend that you just can’t say ‘no’ to?  After running 4.8 miles in the corporate relay in December, I was all fired up for the Hot Chocolate race in February that only offers a 5K (3.1 miles) and a 15K (9.3 miles).  I have a friend who’s a runner and she talked me into running my choice of routes.  As February approaches, I’m reconsidering my choice of the 15K.  While I chew on the idea of 9.3 miles, I’ve been running anywhere from 2 to 4 through the District a few times a week.

This is one of my favorite houses to run past.  They’ve got a motion sensitive light on their porch that comes on as I go by. It’s also especially picturesque with the morning sun coming up behind it. I think that it is still under construction.

A street over, there are a couple of men who have been making a lot of progress on this historic home.  They had just put the porch on this morning.  It has so much character and they are really bringing it out.

Historic Remodel on Lamar Street

There’s a lot of construction downtown too.  The Convention and Visitors’ Bureau has moved back into downtown and have quite the cozy looking setup over by The Pub and across from The McKinney Wine Merchant.  I’m so glad to see them out front and center where people can find them and they can be a real presence in the community.

Convention and Visitors Bureau New Home on Virginia Street

I had thought that they were going into the Boyd building but that building, over on Louisiana, is still under construction.  This picture was taken this morning and it seems that they look even further off from completion than they have in the past.  The construction workers were out in force though and working hard.

Work Continues on Boyd Building on Louisiana Street

Just down the alley, back on Virginia Street, the site that was formerly Aparicio’s can now officially be called the Sidestreet Cafe even though the Cafe isn’t open yet. They’ve taken down the old awning and are in the process of doing facade work.  They’ve got their name on the windows and boxes inside.

SideStreet Cafe Coming In on Virginia Street

A few blocks away,  the old post office on Lamar street has been long gone for awhile now and work is swiftly progressing on the new youth ministry building that is taking its place.

Construction on New Youth Ministry Building on Lamar Street

The workers have been there every morning and this is going up fast.  It’s another one that is pretty in the morning light.

Construction on New Youth Ministry Building on Lamar Street

On the next street over, Tennessee Street, Benividez Shoes is gone and the storefront there is being stucco’d.  I just noticed this this morning so I haven’t even heard any rumors about what is going in here.

Storefront on Tennessee and Lamar Being Remodeled

South on Kentucky, behind Longhorn landscaping, there is a three-story office building going in.  There is a sign up in front of it advertising for office space.

Office Building on South Kentucky Street

It is at the corner of Davis and Kentucky, across the street from public parking, Spoons, and Cafe Malaga.  I’m betting this is going to fill fast once it is completed.

Office Building on South Kentucky Street

The new townhomes on Tennessee Street are coming right along.  They are supposed to ultimately look like the old brownstones in the Northeast.

New Brownstones Going In on South Tennessee Street

More townhouses are being built further up Tennessee Street, across the street from Diggin’ It.  I don’t know if they are going to be made to look like historic brownstones but I’ve heard rumors that they will be on the high end.

Ground Broken for Townhomes Going in on North Tennessee Street

That’s the news for now.  Don’t forget … the Krewe of Barkus dog parade is coming up February 10th!

And, to whomever is coming home to the house with the yellow ribbon, welcome home! It is nice that we get to share in your celebration, whoever you are and whatever your circumstances.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

11 Responses to “Seems Everything is Under Construction”

    • Beth

      Thanks! I know I’ve been quiet but I’m always keeping my eye out for new stuff. I appreciate the comment!

  1. Deana Almond

    Can anyone tell me if the stores are open on Monday’s? I know a lot o downtown areas are mostly closed on Mondays and I was looking for something to do this Monday. Thanks!!

    • Beth

      Monday would be a great day for shopping downtown. The only day that is really hit or miss is Sunday. Look for most of the retail businesses to have Monday through Saturday hours from roughly 10 am to 6 pm with some open on Sundays for abbreviated hours. I really can’t speak for the restaurants in the evening on Monday but I think at least most of them will be open. (I tend to go to The Pub or Churchill’s and they are just about always open). Just about everything will be open Monday during the day. Hope this helps!

  2. Amir

    Whatever happened to the office building across from the Magic shop? At one point it was suppose to be a Medical type business.

    • Beth

      It has slowly been progressing. At first the lobby was done and then you’d see the office areas on both sides being worked on. If you go by very early in the morning, I’ve seen people sleeping in the recliners in the foyer area. I’ve just assumed that they are working on the building at night. It is supposed to be some type of cardiac monitoring service but I haven’t actually read any signs in awhile. Recently, my attention has been caught by something going on between the book store and the magic shop. There’s paper up on the door there as if a new business is coming in there. Haven’t heard anything yet though so I’ve just been watching.

  3. feelingjoy

    Hi Beth. While on my walk Sunday afternoon, I passed by a house on Morris with yellow ribbons around the trees and the voice in my head began singing “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Ole Oak Tree”. I walk down Lamar on my way home and pass by the house under construction that you posted. Looking forward to seeing the finishing results on the outside. Thanks for liking my post. 🙂

    • Beth

      Funny thing was that I was actually looking for a house over on Waddill that I thought was just the cutest house and it was for sale. I never did find it. I wonder if I was looking on Morris. Thanks for the comment and the post!


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