Guess Who Attended The Fashion Show Last Weekend?

If you said me, that would be a safe bet. If you said lots of well-dressed ladies minding their best manners, you would also be correct. And, of course, there were tons of stunning models showing off some beautiful fashions all the way  from the 1850’s on up to modern day. The guest that I think would be a surprise would be the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. He has recently been staying with one of my co-workers so I invited him to attend the fashion show and was delighted that he was able to make it. He was remarkably quiet and well-mannered and I truly believe that he enjoyed the show.

As I was putting this post together and looking at various links, I made a crushing discovery. I was so impressed that a friend who works at the premier travel site would be able to swing a date for me with the Roaming Gnome that it never occurred to me that Travelocity would actually make it easy for there to be Roaming Gnomes everywhere. Then I found the Travelocity Roaming Gnome Store where legions of gnomes are available for sale. So the gnome that came to the show with me may or may not have been special, certainly not unique.

But don’t tell him that. I certainly won’t. I’d hate to send him home with a self-esteem problem. Or concerned about “gnome-trafficking”.

fashion show 026

Luckily, local photographer Dennis Haberkern also attended the fashion show.  We’d never met in person before but we’ve both admired each other’s blogs.    I never appreciated how difficult it must be to photograph a fashion show.  Now, I know.  Most, if not all, of my photos were horrible. The blurry one above is about the only good one I had of the show.  Dennis was kind enough to share a few of his for this post.   Thank you, Dennis!  Be sure to check out his blog!


The “Yesterday and Today Fashion Show” is an annual fashion show that Chestnut Square puts on every year and each year it just gets bigger and better. This year it was held at the Eldorado Country Club and, no, the recent construction that has closed off Country Club Drive access to the Central Expressway service road did not cause a problem.  It was, however, handy that my neighbor and “date”, sign lady Anne Davidson, knew how to get there from Eldorado.  The facilities, as always, were nice and lunch was very good.  All of the fashions were gorgeous, with all the appropriate accoutrements, including period shoes and hairstyles. Many of the vintage fashions were replicas donated by The Antique House while some were family heirlooms that were modeled by descendants of the original wearers.  Shear Image by Rene really outdid themselves with so many beautiful and historically appropriate hairstyles.


The program wrapped up with current fashions available from Cynthia Elliot’s Boutique downtown.  Ms. Elliott presented each fashion with unique insights into how they are meant to fit and why.  The purses themselves have a full backstory and it was great to hear.  She also introduced a couple of new innovations that she is seeing come to market for both juniors and women.

fashionshow_2013-5Unfortunately, me talking about fashion is like a helicopter traffic reporter flying over a city they’ve never seen and to which they don’t have a map.  The big things I took away from the modern fashions for this year are: it’s all about the shoes, purses have names, and I can buy anything sleeveless if I have a coordinating shrug.


One thing I wasn’t wild about was that pants will be shorter to show off the shoes; however, at five foot two, it is unlikely to be an issue for me.  There are two notable fashion innovations not pictured here but available at Cynthia Elliott’s – “jeggings” and “panel pants”.   “Jeggings” are a kind of cross between jeans and leggings that make a more fitted version of denim capris. In fact, two of my co-workers were just talking about them this week and it was neat (and novel) that I not only knew what they were but where they could get some.  “Panel pants” look like a nice pair of dress slacks overhung with long panels of sheer fabric, giving the impression of wearing a long skirt while still being in pants. It was stunning on the model.

I strongly encourage ladies to mark their calendars for next year to keep an eye out for this show.  It has, so far, always been on the same day as the Trout Derby over in Town Lake Recreation Area (the park over by Cinemark 14, if you are unfamiliar with it). The Trout Derby is where the city stocks the park’s lake with several thousand live trout and anglers line the banks to catch them.  I’ve always wanted to go but somehow the choice between a warm, cozy luncheon watching beautiful dresses being modeled always seems to win out over fishing for trout on a chilly morning.

Maybe if I got a pretty thermos …

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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