‘Tis (Almost) Spring – New Places, New Voices

Life is stirring on the square and I really need to get back down there with my camera but I wanted to get word out in time about a great place to be this Saturday.  This Saturday is a Second Saturday so there will be lots of live entertainment, galleries open late, and people enjoying, hopefully, spring-like weather.

John Wynn has had a guitar studio on the square for a long time.  He used to be over in the Ritz Building but he’s recently moved his studio up into the office space above Garrett Art Gallery.  (Click here to go to his studio page on Facebook.) The past two Second Saturdays he’s had a laid back guitar jam open to the public which, despite bad weather on both dates, has been reasonably well attended just by walk-in traffic. My prediction for the year is that this is going to get to be very popular and crowded.  Currently, this is a perfect “date night” destination. When I attended last month, John played an acoustic guitar and one of his students played a bass guitar while a blonde woman with a beautiful voice sang. You can bring sheet music if you have it but they have a lot of their own.  They took requests but, left to their own devices, you’ll hear some John Denver, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Eagles, and so forth.  I was so impressed, I’d be back this weekend if may schedule didn’t have a conflict.

While I’m making introductions, there are a few new bloggers that you should check out:

Feeling Joy  is a blog by one of our local artists, sharing poems, recipes, and faith.  Talented and versatile, you may have seen this author out oil painting or spinning a pottery wheel on the square.

Toni Andrukaitis is another local artist who, among other things, paints beautiful decorations on Christmas ornaments and wine glasses and leads the art group over at the Town Creek Senior Apartments. She’s also an awesome blogger!

You also have to check out the Joe & Jess Blog by a local artist from over in Craig Ranch, where they live with their two beagles.  I’ve been blessed to know the real Joe & Jess and can vouch for at least some of the events chronicled by the comic strip.  They are true-blue, all round good folks.


I promise I’ll be out with my camera soon.  Most of the construction I mentioned back in January is almost done.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

P.S.  Here’s a late-breaking additional local blog: McKinney Mommas.

5 Responses to “‘Tis (Almost) Spring – New Places, New Voices”

  1. Toni

    Good to see you back on the Square. Thanks for the mention. I’ll have to check out Joe and Jess, I already follow the other. See ya soon!

    • Beth

      Keep ’em coming! I can’t wait to say “I knew him when…” 🙂

  2. McKinney Mommas

    Whoo Hoo, thanks for allowing my blog to make the grade 🙂 Keep posting, I love reading about our little town!
    – Shiloh K @ McKinney Mommas

  3. feelingjoy

    Thank you Beth, for mentioning my blog. I follow Toni and plan to check out the other two blogs. 🙂


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