Random Updates From Downtown

What a fabulous start to spring. Well, almost spring. It’ll be here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. I hope.  (The weathermen are saying some horrible things but I’m hoping that they are lying.)

It’s a time of new beginnings.  Like over on Davis Street, where the old church that has previously shown up in local artist’s water colors and photographic art with the word “Ruins” in the title has found new life.  The new V Life church has been hard at work and it is looking great.   With the exception of the obvious panel, all the stained glass is out from under wraps and has been cleaned up and the trim painted. Be sure to check out their web page.  I love the photos taken in the church and on the steps.   I just pulled up their page and watched the pictures cycle. Gorgeous!

sm_SPD 014

The office building on Kentucky Street, just south of Longhorn Landscape Creations looks almost finished on the outside.  I’m sure that there’s still plenty to do inside but the speed with which they have gotten to this stage is nothing but astonishing.

sm_SPD 021

The townhomes going in on South Tennessee are also looking practically complete on the outside.  They have some really nice embellishments around the doors and windows.  I didn’t get a shot of them this time but I will make a point to stop by there soon. They’ve also broken ground on new townhomes on North Tennessee across from Diggin’ It and have laid the concrete for the driveways.

The Crystal Cloche was open this weekend. They’ve taken the space that was most recently Paul Mitchell’s Fringe Salon, on the corner of Louisiana and Tennessee, across from Plum Creek Primitives.  Great inventory and a great space, this is a superb addition to the square and I’m sure it is going to be well-loved.  (In the meantime, go give them a “like” on Facebook).

sm_SPD 022
Eileene’s Floral Design is now in the space at 210 North Tennessee Street, across from Local Yocal.  I positively cannot find a web page or Facebook page for this business, so please send me a shout out or leave it in a comment if you know their web address.  Their phone number listed on the Chamber of Commerce site is 214-663-8831.

sm_SPD 023
Also downtown, Shelby-Marilee & Company have now split into two different salons.  Shelby and her part of the company are now over by the cross section of Central and Eldorado (Craig’s Crossing, I think?) and Marilee and her part are remaining downtown in the location across from Coffee Squared but with a new name (Rayfield & Company), web page, gen book, and Facebook.  Good luck to both salons.  There’s a lot of talented stylists in both!

The First Methodist Church is making good headway on their new youth ministry building.  I think that they must have crews working on it night and day because there is always someone at work on it no matter when I stop by.

sm_SPD 025

As you know, I will occasionally take pictures in the ‘hood of houses for sale.  This one just came up on Church Street and my guess is that it is going to fly off the market.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t already have a contract. (It doesn’t, that I know of).  It’s just a classically beautiful house with a big screened in porch on a beautiful street very, very close to the square.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like by next spring.  Virtually every house on this street has been redone and some, not looking bad when they started, became just jaw-dropping after the makeover.  Those are some very pretty bones there.

sm_SPD 027

Home For Sale on Church Street

I’ve always liked this one on Heard Street too.  It’s on the corner of Heard and Church.  You can’t see it in this picture but there’s a big bay window just past the for sale sign.  There’s a bit of an illusion going on in this picture.  You’ll have to trust me about the bay window.  Actually, I do have a picture from that angle but this one shows off the steps and retaining walls better.

sm_SPD 030

Home For Sale Corner of Church and Heard

So, eventually the St. Patrick’s Day festivities rolled around and, after a short stint at an Irish bar in Addison with friends, we made it home to the comforts and safety of the square. (No driving involved, you see).

We started off at Cadillac Pizza Pub, which was just completely fantastic.  I couldn’t believe it but I ate half of the pizza we ordered ALL BY MYSELF!  Everything was wonderful.  The food was fantastic, the servers were happy, smiling, and on their game, and the whole place just hummed with a happy vibe.  In fact, I was so happy that I didn’t even think to take a picture of our pizza.

Yeah. That crazy lady taking pictures of my food in restaurants?  That would be me.  In my defense, their pizzas are extraordinarily photogenic.

Cadillac Pizza Pub on Urbanspoon

After dinner, we wanted to go somewhere else just to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the evening and we decided on Louisiana Street Grill.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that the city has paved that big parking lot across the street from Louisiana Street Grill.  (The lot that butts up onto The Historic Flour Mill on the east side and Treasure Spotters on the north).  Between this new lot and the lot that goes with the restaurant, there are massive amounts of good parking over there.

Jesse Raymundo, the owner, was behind the cedar bar and remembered us from when we visited way back before he even opened.  We’ve been in since, but this was the first time we’d been able to catch up with him since then.  We were lucky to catch Tyler Hammond, a local singer/songwriter who has been featured on Texas Troubador, and we enjoyed talking with Jesse.


Business has been good, he says, and the restaurant’s been a popular spot for wedding receptions. We had been early lunch fans of the Louisiana Street Grill burger with it’s homemade buns, baked up fresh daily, but, as we got to talking, I admitted that I had been disappointed with the bun the last time I had been in.

It turns out that they had just put in a lot of time working on perfecting their bun.  We compared timelines and we think that my experience might have been during their R&D mode.  He whisked out a fresh one for me to try and, oh Lordy, this bun is otherworldly.  It is a little sweeter than before – not too much –  and the texture was perfect. Where I loved it before, I absolutely adore it now.   If anyone out there has ever been to Louisiana Street Grill and not just been blown away by their burger, I urge you to go now and try it with the new bun.  It really is that spectacular.


He told us that we should come back and try the ribeyes too and we do plan on doing just that.  I wonder if the waiter is going to look at me funny if I also order a bun on the side.

I’ve also got to throw him some kudos for the cocktails.  Jesse seems to be good at absolutely everything he tries and that includes bartending.

Louisiana St Grill on Urbanspoon

So, I’ll leave you with this video of Tyler Hammond. Apparently, a lot of folks get him confused with the Tyler Hammond Band out of Georgia,  for obvious reasons.  So be sure when tell people about this great original artist that you refer them to the right one.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

9 Responses to “Random Updates From Downtown”

    • Beth

      LOL, I’m not surprised. It is going to be stunning, I bet. Everyone’s had their eyes on those two houses for years now. Do you know if it was bought by someone who’s going to move in or by one of the development companies (British Builder, Integrity, etc)?

    • Beth

      Oops! Your comment got caught by aksimet and I just rescued it. Tyler is really, really good. You know, McKinney has so much talent kicking around we should have our own singer/songwriter contest. (I’m thinking huge outdoor festival – maybe at Myers Event Center – something on the scale of the State Fair of Texas? 🙂 Civic pride, on the loose! Maybe a logistical nightmare but you gotta admit it could be fun, right?

    • Beth

      Toni, I’m going to try to make more of an effort (although Easter is sneaking up on my AGAIN)! btw, I loved your post on Richard Marx. I remember really liking one of his songs back when I was a teenager but I can’t remember which one. I’m probably going to spend the rest of my evening trying to figure it out.

  1. Jesse Raymundo

    Tyler will be performing live Saturday April 6th at Louisiana St. Grill! Starts at 7!

    • Beth

      Fun! I’ve got the Fairview Half & 5K that morning (I’m running in the 5K), so that will be an easy date to remember. 🙂

  2. Joe

    Just discovered your blog and love it! I’m about to close on a house on Church street and look forward to absorbing downtown McKinney full time. Thanks for all the great info.


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