Field Trip: Allen Eagle 5K March 2nd 2013

In honor of a friend who was recently featured in Nerd Fitness, I thought I’d finally publish this post that I’ve been working on about the recent Allen Eagle 5K.

This particular friend just loves to see our high school stadiums when she comes to Texas.   When she comes to visit, she is quick to point out any suspiciously big buildings and ask if they are stadiums.

When the Allen ISD recently had their 5th Annual Allen Eagle 5K, I considered it a bonus to be able to see the recently built 60 million dollar stadium down there. Even by Texan standards, that’s big.

Here are some links to where it hit the national news:

I have got to get my friend by this stadium.  It really is that impressive.  She’s coming to Texas in April for the Big D Texas Marathon.  I’ll have to see if there’s time and a way to get her in there.

I got there around 6:30 AM because I inevitably show up places impossibly early.  I do try to just be punctual but then I wake up early and figure, why not? So, I’m always early. I beat a lot of the volunteers this time so  I sat in my car for a while and stayed warm.

Front of Eagle Stadium

Eagle Stadium At Dawn

I am going to very quickly betray myself into revealing that I know absolutely nothing about football or football stadiums.  I don’t know what to call this big building where the “rooms with a view” are and my husband is being obstinate so I am going to fall back to what I am familiar with and call them “box seats”.  So …  the “box seats” are a bit blurry because I took my old little camera because I wanted to actually carry it along on the run.

Allen Eagle Race 009

The volunteers were still arriving and getting set up when I went inside the stadium.  Now in its 5th year, this year’s race had a great presence by local businesses who turned out in the cold to hand out freebies and chat with participants.

Allen Eagle Race 007

There were lots of games for kids and I got a band-aid dispenser and two pens.  There were actually lots and lots of give-aways but I try to take only what I will really use.  What I didn’t know to expect – and I don’t know if this happens every year or not – were all of the mascots.

Allen Eagle Race 010

There were mascots everywhere.

Allen Eagle Race 011

Something new to know about me: I love mascots.  I just think that it’s the neatest idea since floats in a parade.

Allen Eagle Race 012There were more mascots there than I could actually get photos of.

Allen Eagle Race 015And, not to throw the eagle under the school bus, but she showed up a little late so there were even more than what I met in the reception area.

Allen Eagle Race 014

It was 28 degrees with fairly stiff gusts that just went right through a body so everyone was “into” the warm up.   After the boy scouts did the pledge and the anthem was sung, the mascots all lined up on the field and walked people up in the stands through a warm up. Most were huddled toward the tops of the stands and in the entry area directly behind them.

Allen Eagle Race 019

Almost all of my pictures from this are fuzzy because my little camera was just not made to try to get these kinds of shots.  This picture below is still not counting all of the mascots, even without the eagle, there was what I think was a hedgehog that showed up before the warm-up was finished. I don’t know all the companies or groups that they represent so I’ll have to go by species.  In this picture (below), we had a white tiger, a black horse, a white panda?, the Chick-fil-A cow, a dalmatian, a beaver, and a large frosty drink.  The hedgehog and the eagle got there later.

Allen Eagle Race 022

Finally, it was time for the run to start. All the participants lined up outside the stadium.

Allen Eagle Race 029

I lined up with the “C” group.

Allen Eagle Race 032

And waited.

Allen Eagle Race 033

And then we were off.

Allen Eagle Race 034

The grounds are really very impressive around the stadium.  The entire run never left the park grounds.  We went by what looked like zip lines and possibly water obstacle courses?  I’ve never been back here before.  If it ever warms up around here, I’m going to go see if the track there is open to the public or reserved for school/special event use.  It’s very pretty and a really nice run.  I don’t recall any inclines and most of the path is quite wide, only narrowing at a bridge at one point.

Allen Eagle Race 035

The race course wound us back into the stadium onto the field where returning runners were cheered across the finish line and some were broadcast up on the teleprompter.

Allen Eagle Race 040

Food, because you know that that is of utmost importance to me, was served up on the entry level on the way back up to where the vendors were. It was mostly just cut apples, bananas, and granola bars but that was just fine by me.  It hit the spot.

Allen Eagle Race 043

The event was well attended despite dreadful temperatures and I think it was a great deal of fun.  If the weather was good, I think – in my limited experience – that it may be one of the best races in the local area.

Allen Eagle Race 053

This was my first race where I just showed up and registered on race day.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but I will definitely plan to do it again next year.

Anyone signed up for the Fairview race next weekend?  What about the Run For Cover race here in McKinney on April 13th?

Until next time,
Happy Shopping!

6 Responses to “Field Trip: Allen Eagle 5K March 2nd 2013”

  1. toniandrukaitis

    How cool! Great photos. I know nothing about football, but still went to many a game, having 2 sons and a crazy husband. One son Notre Dame, the other U of I( Illinois> also, used to run a little in my 40’s, but now I’m 60 and the old equipment ain’t working so well. Great post!

    • Beth

      Thanks! I’ve got to get something up about Easter but I’ve also took my camera to the last Stonebridge run and have some photos of Adriatica to post. I can use any tips you have on running. I’m a complete newbie. 🙂

    • Beth

      I worry about my knees so I will definitely heed that advice. My sister-in-law just had both of hers replaced. (She used to be an avid hiker).

  2. Ken

    Really enjoy your blog and photos. What kind of camera do you normally use? Great pics.

    • Beth

      Thanks! I normally use a Nikon D3000 but I’ve pulled out my old Canon A75 for runs. It’s old but it’s small and fits in a FlipBelt (or I can carry it in my hand pretty comfortably). I’ve dropped it twice while running and it’s still working. The video on the A75 is really subpar compared with modern phones (it was before HD video) but the photos are still fine.


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