Homes in the Historic District

The most notable piece of news missing from the previous post is the building of townhomes on Tennessee Street north and south of the square.  The first four have been up for several months now and were filled within weeks of completion. These are the colorful townhomes on South Tennessee, a stone’s throw from the Farmer’s Market.


North on Tennessee, construction is under way on several units across from Diggin’ It. Two are nearing completion and they are like something stolen from a child’s storybook.  They bring to mind the Tudor style that was popular in the 20’s but with a degree of sophisticated whimsy that sets them apart.


Across the street behind these newer homes, between Jones and Chestnut Streets, construction is finishing on a new Pentecostal church.


And a little down the road, the Methodists look like they may have completed their new youth ministry building.


In other news, Believe!2013 has their Facebook Page up and they are taking registrations for the 5K and 10K that will kick off Dickens on the Square, a popular holiday event stretching over Thanksgiving weekend. Both the 5K and 10K routes will be very pretty (we have a lot to work with here). The first 500 to sign up get a Believe!2013 backpack and there are lots of choices to sign up – both competitive and non-competitive.


Social runs starting outside Cadillac Pizza Pub continue every Wednesday night.  The crowd has thinned a bit with the Texas summer heat but the group started out huge and I imagine will begin to snowball in size as the temps come down. Check their Facebook Page for the starting time,  as they are shifting it to better deal with the heat.  Most recently, we gather by 7PM, pick up a map of the week’s route, and set off at our own paces.  Routes are generally 2 to 2 and a half miles long and change frequently.

caddy run

The Melon Dash, a Run Project 5K race that winds through the Historic District every year came and went off without a hitch.  According to my results on, there were 1,195 runners.  The route was a slightly meandering path over to the corner of Bonner and Graves Streets and then back again.

My run this morning was a new one for me.  I ran over to St. Michael’s and watched about a half a dozen hot air balloons taking off. (That reminds me … is anyone else thinking seriously about running the Plano Hot Air Balloon Fest in September?)  Then I came back home by way of Hill Street and discovered the neatest pedestrian bridge over the creek that runs between Finch and Brook Streets.  As I ogled the houses, I decided to swing back by afterwards and put together a photo montage of some of the beautiful houses in (or near) the Historic District.


St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church

I generally only take pictures of houses that are for sale or lease or have some kind of sign up in the front yard.  Some of these homes below are for sale through the builder, some are listed by agents and some are for sale by owner like this one below.  I’m not a real estate agent and have no interest in these houses except that they are pretty.

Except, maybe, this one.  The owners are neighbors and friends and I will hate to see them go.  They’ve got more pictures on Zillow and the address is 505 Heard.


I went down Tucker looking for construction that I run past a lot but it turned out to be on Hunt Street. (Never, ever, take directions from me.  I will giggle when you get lost.  My husband will attest to this.)  I did find this one on Tucker, however, that was so impressive that I grabbed a shot.  It’s listed by Brent and Deb Wells.


The construction I was looking for is a new house going up on the 500 block of Hunt Street next to one of the prettiest little houses in the District. (The green one with the white picket fence and the beautiful English-style garden).  This is a Jered home and is probably a custom build for someone who’ll be moving in when they finish. I could be wrong. It might be on spec.  I just doubt it.


Jered is also building a house on Hill Street and I believe that it IS on spec. It is a beautiful house near a quiet corner.  I love running by here because it just seems so rural and out-of-the-way.  The road dog-legs around some trees and then joins up with, I think, Morris Street?  Could be Graves.  It’s enough of a blind curve that only a crazy person would drive down this road at any kind of speed, so it also makes it a bit safer for me to run down.


This one is just west of the Historic District and has a British Builder sign in front of it.  I’m going to date myself but I really like this one.  I think that it’s on Finch Street and I’m pretty sure that the aforementioned creek runs behind it.


Another house that I just like the style of is this one over on Lee Street.  I ran by it awhile back – before there was a “For Sale” sign up – and immediately had house envy. This is more my style, really.  It’s currently listed with Jane Henry.


Of course, I like the grand ones too.  I mean, what’s not to like? This one is on the corner of College and Virginia and is listed by the Riederer & Hogan Group.


And a couple of blocks down, there’s this one, also listed by the same group.


The Bungalow Company recently finished a new house, also on Virginia Street. I forgot to write down who it is listed with but I can swing by there and read the sign if anyone needs. Just let me know.


There was a lot of “to-do” about a new Bungalow house on the corner of Howell and College Street fairly recently so I popped over to take a picture of it but has already sold and is occupied.  I had taken a picture with my phone one morning awhile back, so I’ve included that one below. Some people just love the design and some people, well, don’t.  I’m a big fan of the 1920’s Tudors and this reminds me of those, so I’m in.  Isn’t that just the way with houses?


My last photo today is of the final house on Jered Square, on the corner of Howell and Rice, I think.  All of the houses on this square block were built by Jered Custom Homes and they’ve got some really pretty designs.


Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

9 Responses to “Homes in the Historic District”

  1. Cindy Pratt

    Check out 203 W. Davis Street – among some of the oldest homes in town. Fsbo sign in yard.

    • Beth

      I certainly will and thanks for the tip. I love history too (though it seems to go in one ear and out the other half the time). If you’ve got some history on it and I can take a picture of it, I’d love to post something. My email is

    • Beth

      Wait … I may have stopped by there but couldn’t get a good angle for a picture. Is it a relatively large house on a bit of a hill under magnolia trees and a real good setback from the street and next to a pedestrian bridge?

  2. Valarie

    Hey Beth- Both of the Jared homes are sold and are custom builds… Super exciting all the building going on in the hood… Happy Running….

    • Beth

      Thanks for letting me know. I love what they’ve been doing. The city wrote an article recently about a “fill in” program. I guess that they are promoting the building of homes to “fill in” neighborhoods? I think it must be far more successful a program than anyone could have dreamed.

  3. Wynne Johnson

    Hi Beth, Thanks for putting the pic of our home and the in your email. Sure is a pretty home:). As always, enjoy your “On The Square” news!

    • Beth

      I wish you luck although I can’t imagine anyone filling your shoes. Pic came out pretty nice, didn’t it?

  4. Nancy S.

    Hi Beth. I’m Nancy, a full time junker and lover of old, rusty and crusty stuff!!! I am the one Jered is building the house for on Hunt. I designed the house and it will be finished with lots of reclaimed and older stuff inside. Love reading your post!


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