Doozie’s Corner Had Its Grand Opening

Doozie’s Corner had their Grand Opening this past weekend. Doozie’s is on Virginia Street, next door to The Missing Q Press and My Favorite Room.  It is a collection of boutiques and has a little bit of everything – ornaments, clothes, vintage things, things made by hand, a good selection of gift ideas and small items that defy categorization but inevitably find their way up to the register.

Something to look for – they have medium-sized mixing bowls (just inside the door, look to your right) that are serving as scented candles.  The candles smell absolutely yummy and the bowls have a great vintage look that will make this a great gift idea.  I should have gotten a picture of those (oops) but the elf really caught my eye.

Don’t forget to stop by their Facebook Page and give them a “Like”.

sm_brothers 001

I did win a door prize at Doozie’s over the weekend.  My bag had a brightly colored writing pad and a 6-ounce Swan Creek pumpkin spice candle in a plain glass votive.   I didn’t tell them who I was or that I had any intention of blogging about their Grand Opening.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to “Doozie’s Corner Had Its Grand Opening”

  1. Ken

    I enjoy your blogs. Informative and entertaining. I try to stay up on new things in town, but it’s impossible to catch everything.

    • Beth Barton

      Thanks! You know, I’ve come to the same conclusion. I used to try to know everything that is coming up but there just got to be so much – it’s overwhelming. Then I’d feel guilty if I made it to one thing and not another. Now, I just get to what I get too and trust in Beth Schumate (at Destination McKinney, the CVB office, to get to most everything else). 🙂 No pressure, Beth. This weekend, for me, is the Crape Myrtle 5K. Next weekend is the Believe 5K & 10K and the whole Home For the Holidays. I love the holidays!


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