Hello Y’ALL! My name is Patrizia.

My family and I moved to Historic Downtown McKinney at the end of the Summer in 2013.

I have been traveling the past 12 years and have lived in some beautiful places, (Orlando, NYC, San Diego, Florence, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin County) and I’ve loved them all, but this is what we now call home: McKinney TX.

What we loved at first sight was the authenticity of this little historic town. The warm vibe, the colors, the trees, the community, the country feeling mixed with the small city charm. What we smell when we walk around is TEXAS and it makes us happy.
I always wanted to raise my family in a place that would create wonderful moments and leave us with great memories.

I grew up in a small town just outside of Milano, Italy and I have amazing, fun-filled colorful childhood memories that warm my heart. I remember the feeling of coming home from a long Summer holiday (usually in Southern Italy) and after a 20 hour drive, pulling off the freeway and seeing my school, then turning into our neighborhood and seeing the grocery store on the right and finally, through the trees, seeing the roof of our house … and it felt like home!
Our summer vacations were always amazing but all of those small memories are now just priceless.

Downtown McKinney has a candy store, an ice cream shop, pubs for my British husband’s joy, a Performing Art’s Center where my baby girl takes ballet classes, a fantastic library, a preschool which we walk to and a wonderful family doctor whose office is in a cute little historic house with a Ghost Buster’s style ambulance parked right outside in his driveway. We take long, amazing walks every day, under old vibrant shady trees and my children already know the way, they recognize places, they are making their memories, we all are.

It’s only been 5 months, and there is a lot to discover, but I can truly say that our new home is McKinney TX.

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to write this blog and I see it as a great way to really get to know this community and be an active part of it. I understand the challenges but it wouldn’t be interesting if there were none.
A BIG THANKS goes to Beth, for trusting in me and believing in what I can bring to this blog.

I am ready to give a new point of view about the McKinney Downtown square while sharing lots of new photos and probably also writing a ton of grammar mistakes along the way! 😉

Please feel free to email me with ideas and suggestions, I would love to hear from Y’ALL!

Me and my parents on vacation in Sicily. 1979.In this photo: “My first Summer vacation in Sicily, where my father is from. August 1979.”

11 Responses to “Hello Y’ALL! My name is Patrizia.”

  1. Cindy Pratt

    Welcome to McKinney – my life long home in the historic district as well. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else eight now.

  2. Toni

    Yes, welcome. To live on McKinney is to love McKinney. I look forward to your perspective and stories,

  3. Silky Hart

    Welcome Patrizia! I’ve lived in NYC, San Francisco and Marin County, too. After living in some magnificent cities, I love living in the historic district of McKinney. I love Milan and Italy, too! I hope to meet you in person on the square and look forward to your blog posts. Ciao!

  4. Nicole

    Welcome to McKinney! We just moved here last April and really love it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and maybe running into you on the Square sometime :-).

  5. Kathi Riddle

    I have a good friend living here in McKinney from Gattinara. I’m sure she would love to meet you.


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