Best Pizza On The Square

There are so many topics I’m eager to cover in and around the McKinney Downtown square. Some will require research and investigation and others, a sophisticated palate with good company! This week I’ll be covering the latter.

I’ve always wanted to be a Zagat “agent”, or travel the world and review hotels and bed and breakfasts.
This week I decided to combine my culinary skills and love for food with my experience in the food industry and become an undercover pizza agent!

So where’s the best pizza on the square?

I asked this question to our Facebook/Twitter followers and I received a lot of different answers, so this now becomes a great challenge!
I’m possibly the pickiest judge when it comes to food – with maybe the exception of Gordon Ramsey that is! (although I can certainly be just as mean if not as talented in the kitchen!).

I usually make pizza at home with all natural ingredients and a special yeast that my mother sends me from Italy or, if I eat out, I almost always order a Margherita (commonly known as cheese pizza). When I was in Napoli (Naples) a few years ago, my friend Marianna took me to the pizzeria, where the original pizza Margherita was created in honor of the visiting Queen Margherita, in 1889. Made with the simplest ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, it melted in my mouth.

What I am trying to find out here is which place makes the best pizza on the square, not the best toppings, not the best restaurant decor, not the best service (I will probably do that another time), just the best pizza. Possibly with the simplest of ingredients.

There are several pizza restaurants on the square, so I’m expecting to have a lot of fun, learn a lot and probably gain a little weight!
So stay tuned, and I hope to get you some reviews by the weekend.

Meanwhile I would love really to hear about your pizza experience’s! Tell us your opinion answering the below questionnaire.



8 Responses to “Best Pizza On The Square”

  1. Solo Auto Group (@SoloAutoGroup)


    I am an avid pizza junkie, living in and around north Texas for over 25 years, but have not taken a bite from any of the pizza On The Square. So your post gives room to expand my opinions about who’s has the best tasting triangle (commonly known as pizza). I’ve been a fan of some of the areas well known eateries serving pizza (Marco’s, Grimaldi’s, i Fratelli). Now the taste test is on! I’ll visit, the Pizza served On The Square and return here drooling with my findings.


    Car Guy
    Solo Auto Group

    • Patrizia Montanari

      Ciao Car Guy,
      I really love your enthusiasm and I thank you for the support!
      I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Keep me posted and keep following!

  2. Joe Baker

    Recently tried Mellow Mushroom when some family was in town, and boy was it terrific. Service was laid back and a bit lacking, but the pizza selection and flavor is tremendous. I like Cadillac Pizza, but I’m not a fan of the thin crust they serve.

    • Patrizia Montanari

      Thank you, Joe!
      I appreciate your feedback! I only had Mellow Mushroom’s pizza once and it was just a tiny slice left over from my sister’s dinner so it just left me more curious! I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion! Stay tuned!

  3. Kacie (@KacieMann)

    I LOVE what you’re doing with this site. Love this topic, too! I love Cadillac, but I just tried Mellow Mushroom and it is good too. I think it’s more expensive and maybe not worth how much more expensive it is.

    I think you should also try the pizza at Durkins at 75 and 380!

    By the way, I’m a Yelp Elite. I’d love to put together a Yelp event for some of us McKinney Yelpers to get together and meet you!


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