The future looks bright.

My vision for this blog is to build a passionate community of creative, smart, interesting and curious people who love Downtown McKinney as much as I do.

Contributors who care about sharing with an enthusiasm for new ideas, different perspectives, and who are not afraid to share new visions.

I’m envisioning  this blog as a blended interactive local Platform, written by fresh, smart, creative, passionate residents. An easy, good looking place to go and read about local events, initiatives, news, opinions or facts happening on the square.

I believe this town has the potential to grow and truly become the best place to live in the United States. (and not just by money magazine)

I am an artist and a photographer and I realize this is a very popular business to be in in downtown McKinney. I’m not afraid of competition, on the contrary,  I’m actually more afraid of not being challenged and not having the opportunity to learn from others.

The Historic District is so inspiring and it naturally attracts creative people. I have been using the Downtown Square as a backdrop for my photography for many months and I don’t think I will never get tired of its beauty as there are so many hidden places that surprise me every time.

This morning I met Danielle. She is an outstanding, young, brilliant photographer who still shoots on film. She is the real deal.

I met her through Instagram (oh.. the power of social media these days) and through her pictures I feel I’ve known her a long time. I asked her to be a contributor to the blog, as to me she is the perfect fit for what I have in mind. Creative, young, smart and not afraid of trying new things or new challenges. She also has eyes that smile,  which it’s always a good sign.

We met at Patina Green on the square as we both live just a few blocks away. We had a lovely chat, a cup of coffee, a piece of walnut and apple bread and then we went for a stroll down Chestnut Square to the Farmers Market. Both of us with our iPhones at the ready, waiting for the perfect Instagram moment to appear in front of us.

I have no doubt Danielle will be a great addition to this blog. I’m excited to see what the future will bring to this amazing community and I am fully dedicated to talk about it and share my vision and pictures with Ya’ll.

Happy weekend and enjoy the rain!


photo 1-1 photo 1  photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

3 Responses to “The future looks bright.”

  1. Maria Turner

    Waking up late and reading the latest On the Square… What a lovely way to start my Sunday. I’m amazed at all the interesting hidden places you show us through your photos… Can’t wait to keep on discovering our ‘new’ old town with Patrizia.


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