Patina Green wasn’t kidding.

I hardly eat breakfast. I know it’s bad. In the morning Italians drink an espresso or a cappuccino, maybe a croissant if we are closing an eye, and we run out of the door. This morning I ran out of the door to go to Patina Green as they were serving breakfast for the first time!


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Yes, I have been waiting for today. I got their newsletter and set the day in my calendar. I forced my friend Carol to go with me even though she suggested we go to Snug. With Johnny in his favorite Beatles T-shirt… off we went!

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Breakfast tacos.

choice 1: Potatoes Egg + Cheese, Local Yocal Sausage, Organic Flour Tortilla.

choice 2: Vegetarian Black Bean, Potato Egg + Cheese, Organic Whole Wheat Tortilla.

I went for choice 1 just because I’m saving choice 2 for tomorrow.

Ah yes, and I added a danese pastry filled with ricotta. HEAVEN.

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Ok everything was going fantastic, and it got even better when mr. Matt from Local Yocal walked in just 3 minutes after I am telling my friend (who doesn’t eat sausage) that the sausage at Local Yocal is absolutely to die for. Here he comes, Cowboy Matt – who is also my dear neighbor!

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Perfect morning, a combination of two brilliant experiences, Patina Green MEETS Local Yocal, and all with marvelous company.


p.s. I am in love with the restroom’s light at Patina Green.

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5 Responses to “Patina Green wasn’t kidding.”

  1. Beth Barton

    We miss Patina Green and Local Yocal. It was our plan to have one last lunch at Patina Green before leaving town but we ran out of time. 😦 Glad to hear about the breakfast and I love the photos!

  2. Troy Foster

    Patina Green doesn’t know how to do things “ot awesome 😉

    Can’t wait to try their breakfast. Oh and Patrizia if you haven’t made it to one of their Market Dinners yet, be sure to do that. Worth every hard earned penny (and every minute on hold trying to secure a spot).


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