Introducing [On The Square] Greeting Cards

My daughter often says: “Mamma, I wish I was a bird. Because I could fly from one place to another really fast and see everything from above”.

So I printed some photos of Historic Downtown McKinney, where we live, and placed them all around the house. And we played birds.

She was flying up and down the house, from the Heard Craig’s Museum to the Water Tower landing on top of the McKinney Performing Art’s Center.

Children have the ability to teach us how to see things in a different perspective, open our minds to new possibilities and see things in front of us we couldn’t see before.

Photography is a constant presence in my every day life and when I moved to Downtown McKinney I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this town, the colors, the architecture, everything was so inspiring to me. I started an Instagram account @onthesquareblog the day I took over running this blog. It was immediately entertaining and a lot of fun. I enjoy taking photos of Historic McKinney and I love to share them with my followers, who also gave me the courage to start this great project, combining the passion I have for photography and the love for this amazing town I decided to create the ON THE SQUARE GREETING CARDS!

SKU 39 A

The support I’ve received so far has been so amazing and I feel so blessed.

The first Greeting Card Collection is called Summer Collection, it’s available on this blog in a section called [THE SHOP] On The Square and very soon you will be able to find the cards in select Retail Stores in Downtown McKinney ( I will post a list ASAP).

Take a look, enjoy your shopping and GET READY TO FLY!





4 Responses to “Introducing [On The Square] Greeting Cards”

  1. mckinneylifephotos

    What a great idea. I have actually had that same idea wanting to share photos of McKinney with visitors to the Downtown Square. Glad to see someone had the opportunity to make it happen. 🙂 Love the cards!


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