My name is Andy Doyle

I am from McKinney (via Northern California c 1997)

I own a store called McKinney Wine Merchant on West Virginia street in Downtown McKinney

My specialty is Fine, Non-native Wines

I have been on the square for 3 years +

I love doing business in McKinney because Historic Downtown is home to so many geniunely local, owner-operated businesses which attract customers who value what we do and how we do it.

My clients are special because they are truly interested in wine and McKinney Wine Merchant is able to serve them in a way that no other store within 20 miles of here can.

My favorite spot on the square is Gregory’s Bistro.


My favorite memory of an event in Downtown McKinney is that time when the guy crashed the 4th of July parade in a presidential costume in patriotic protest and caused all the hub-bub.

I love to hang out on the square because… sorry that’s presumptive, I can’t say that I love to hang out on the Square. I’m at the store 60 hours per week. I love to hang out at the pool or drive around country roads.

I wish the square was…tidier. I find it curious many people who have a vested interest here and let minor, but unsightly, trash issues linger in their ‘space’ until someone else takes care of it.


Come by my store… any day or evening except Monday. I’m usually offering wine samples on Saturdays.



  1. Dallas Swan

    We came here when we were going to Gregorys and needed (wanted) a bottle of wine with dinner. Since we were here and thirsty we thought for sure the wine would be expensive, but no, the prices were very reasonable and the selection was great, we will definitely come back, just for the wine.


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