About McKinney

McKinney can come off as a small town in this blog.  It is not.  That is part of its unique nature.  McKinney is actually a city of over 120,000 people and has been cited as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. over the past few years. (see Wiki). In 2010, McKinney was selected as the 5th Best Place to Live by Money magazine.

The city has an active YouTube channel, McKinneyVision, that spotlights different areas and businesses in McKinney and also gives excellent overviews of our fair city.  This video (below) is particularly good. For great info on events downtown and city-wide, follow the CVB on Twitter at @VisitMcKinney.

The historic district and the historic downtown is just one neighborhood in McKinney.  There are several neighborhoods that could easily be the subject of their own blog.  In fact,  one – Adriatica – already is the subject of at least one other blog.

I may think I know a lot about my neighborhood but there are so many wonderful places in McKinney, I wrote to Ted Jernigan of Team Jernigan to ask for a list of communities that could easily be the subject of a blog of their own.  (Ted Jernigan is the founder of the unofficial Fans of McKinney Facebook Group and has an active presence in the McKinney on-line community through his Facebook page and his blog.)

Don ‘t worry.  I’m not branching out.  I just want to give you an idea of the size and diversity of McKinney if you aren’t familiar with the area.  Here are some of the areas he suggested that I mention:


One of the largest Master Planned Communities in North Texas at approximately 5,000 acres, Stonebridge Ranch is a neighborhood of lakes, golf courses, shopping and commerce.  Homes in this community range from $160’s to over 2 million.  Stonebridge Ranch is made up of 68 distinctive “villages”.

Stonebridge Information Service (a personal blog)


Adriatica is one of the villages of Stonebridge.  This is a breath-taking idea.  Way too much to try to describe. Check out this video:

Adriatica is one of the other communities of McKinney that has a blog specifically about what is going on in that community:

Adriatica On-Line (a personal blog)


An urban master-planned community, Craig Ranch is home to Dr. Pepper Star Center, The Ballfields at Craig Ranch and the Tournament Player’s Club (TPC)  Craig Ranch golf course (a par 72 course with the “highest possible USGA rating in the TPC network).  In 2011, the TPC Craig Ranch was named one of the top 10 best golf venues in Texas by Golf Digest.


I had not heard of Westridge before but they have a beautiful website that immediately conveys a keen sense of community.


Ditto on Pineridge.


Chapel Hill is a residential community not far from downtown, so the shopping for Chapel Hill residents would easily also involve the square.  However, they also have some beautiful parks and an outdoor amphitheatre that would make excellent blog fodder too.


This community wasn’t on Ted’s list but it has a cool video on YouTube and a Facebook Fan Page. This community goes all out for Halloween and is the up and coming place to be with a really tight-knit community.  They have a Twitter at @TuckerHillTX.

Those are the communities Ted mentioned for which I could find something interesting on the web in just a quick search (plus Tucker Hill).  His list was much longer.

But my point was just to drive  home how big McKinney actually is.  It’s hard to explain how this community, McKinney,  formed.  How this “happened”.  Or, rather, it is happen-ing.  Sometimes, it comes back to not looking a gift horse in the mouth.  It just did.  My blog just covers a little smidge of the whole picture.  There is so much more.

That was my point.

For more on McKinney, see the Convention & Visitors Bureau’s web site  & the  Destination McKinney Facebook page.


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