On The Square is a personal blog.  It is about living and shopping around the square in downtown McKinney.   There are occasionally field trips.  (It is a personal blog, after all.)

There is no connection between this blog and the city and it is not a covert face for a downtown business.


Patrizia Montanari :

I was born in a small town just outside of Milan, Italy. I have experienced Art all my life. I grew up surrounded by Art but didn’t start appreciating it until I was away from it. My eyes and heart tell me what to paint.

I believe Art is for everyone, it’s a unique and colorful way to express feelings, communicate and create beauty. There are things that can’t be said but can be painted. Painting has made me aware of a side of myself I was ignoring. It has giving me strength and showed me a new way to happiness. In the last few years my love for portraits and figure painting naturally evolved and introduced me to photography. Very quickly taking photographs became almost an obsession. The only way to stop time is to photograph moments, a way to appreciate the past is looking back at those images which overtime become priceless.

Since September 2013 I live, with my husband and two children, in the Historic District of Downtown McKinney, Texas. This little town, and its strong soul, have brought so much inspiration into my life. 

I never get tired of walking around looking at the beautiful evergreen Victorians that make the Historic District so charming. The Downtown Shopping and Dining area have changed so much in the last 4 years, Local Businesses have really work hard to make this amazing change happened. They suffered while the city was helping getting the area a lift but they are now starting to bloom again and being grateful of the change.

Supporting, enjoying and helping the local community and the local businesses is my priority in this blog.

My blogposts are my opinions therefor I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, English is my second language so a few mistakes here and there will be some sort of a decoration to my writing. I feel strong about this town and its potential.

I take photos every day and I love to share them with the world, find me on Instagram @onthesquareblog or visit my photography portfolio at mckinneyfoto.com

I believe in the power of social media and its people and I am going to show a new point of view about McKinney and the amazing Downtown Square… so stay tuned!



photo 3

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