McKinney Filmography

These are the films that I have heard have been filmed in McKinney.  If you know more specifics, please leave a comment.

Also, some of these movies are available on free download sites.  They might be safe but I don’t know.  Generally, I figure anything “free” is illegal and a great place to get viruses so google them at your own risk.

2012 – Sweet Art Bakery posted photos to their Facebook site that suggest some kind of filming there by the BBC but they aren’t giving any details until the show airs.

2011 – HGTV filmed at Spoon’s Garage for a reality show called “My First Place“. I have no idea which episode it is and couldn’t find anything on the Facebook page. Anyone know?

2011 – Hardin, a movie by Otter Creek Motion Pictures about the outlaw John Wesley Hardin, is scheduled to be filmed out at Storybook Ranch over the Fourth of July weekend.  According to a local paper, Randy Travis will be playing the part of the sheriff. I’ll try to keep up with this one and post more info as I find it. In the meantime, here’s an article in the Courier Gazette.

2011 – Troubadour, TX – a Bravo Channel series will premier on September 24th, 2011 and will run for 21 episodes.  One of the shows captured a “Musics Under the Stars” concert with Jon Christopher Davis out at Wales Manor.  Another episode will feature McKinney artists such as Zane Williams, author of hit song “Hurry Home” and frequent performer at Cadillac Pizza Pub. Zane performed at the Troubadour Showcase in Tyler in March and was later filmed in concert at South Fork Ranch. The venue proved so popular that Troubadour, TX returned to tape another concert October 22nd, 2011.

2011 – “Most Eligible: Dallas”, a Bravo Network reality series premiers August 15th.  The show will track six extremely attractive people as they experience the Dallas dating scene.  One of the dates was filmed on the downtown square at Spoon’s Cafe and then Landon Winery, where they took a tour of the winery, did some barrel tasting and sat down for a bottle of wine and a cheese board.

2011 – Outrageous Food, episode “Five Pound Philly Challenge”, a Food Network show filmed at The Pantry Restaurant where they made a 5′ chocolate cream pie to be served to local police, firefighters and military.  The episode was scheduled to air at 9 PM, Friday, April 22nd.

2011 – Chase, NBC TV series, filmed at Bill Smith’s Cafe. (Article said the place was so steeped in character that they actually had to take decorations down). 🙂 They also filmed a nostalgia scene on the square. Anyone know which show this was for?

2010 – I Bleed In Pink For You, music video by Gunna Glen, filmed at the chapel at Chestnut Square Historic Village.  Video posted on YouTube at Proceeds from the sale of this single on iTunes will be donated to breast cancer research.

2010 – Chase, NBC TV series, used the North Texas History Center, Bingham House Bed & Breakfast and a rock quarry on 380.

2010 – The Language of a Broken Heart, used The Book Gallery and Churchill’s British Pub. I’ve been keeping an eye out but can’t see how to order this movie. It is listed on a couple of web site to view or download for free. It won Best Picture at California Independent Film Festival in January 2011.  See their Facebook Page for current info.

2010 – Balaam Gimble’s Gumption, a short film shot by Blue Logic Productions in the historic Courthouse (MPAC) with the goal of eventually producing a full length movie.  Based on the novel by Texas author Mike Nichols.

2010 – The Final, official website looks pretty dark (

2009 – Cheap Wine, a music video by Blue Condition, filmed in McKinney’s Historic Cotton Mill.  Available on YouTube at

2009 – Hey Dillon, documentary, awarded the Platinum Reel Award in the 2009 Nevada International Film Festival and honored as Official Selection at the 2010 DOCUTAH International Documentary Festival in St. George, Utah.  The fifth film directed by Dean J. Augustin, Hey Dillon is a 72 minute documentary about Dallas radio icon Brett Dillon, DJ at KHYI for over 12 years.  Shot at the Cotton Mill, Hey Dillon also features an original song, “The Last Great DJ” by local singer/songwriter Austin Cunningham. The rights to this film were purchased by The Documentary Channel, which will be showing the film at various times over the next two years.

2009 – The Poet & Pepper, video.  Written and directed by Jim DeVault, this is another that looks like it is available for free viewing or download.  Although it is listed on Amazon here, it is currently out of stock and apparently not being burned on demand.

2008 – Monsterland

2008 – Unglued, a 20 minute short film won Best Drama at 2008 SouthSlam Film Festival in Austin and Best Editing at 2008 Treasure Coast International Film Festival  (

2008 – The Intruder, available on Amazon, this film has a few reviews that suggests it might be a good buy for the horror film buff. (

2007 – Honest Abe , a recreation of the silent films of the 1920’s, this film is available for viewing on IMDB (

2006 – Prison Break, episode “Manhunt” – cemetery scene shot in Pecan Grove Cemetery, also used historic Courthouse (MPAC ) downtown, available for download on FOX site, (  See also:

2005 – The Prodigy, I found this one on Amazon but it looks like it may only be available in the European format and won’t play on our DVD players.  (

2005  Anthem – third film directed by local writer/director, Anthem, a film about what it is to be American, was filmed in McKinney and College Station, as well as Paris and Normandy, France.  It was the Official Selection at 2005 Golden Film Festival in Golden, Colorado and at the 2005 Black Earth Film Festival in Galesville, Illinois. This is a Good Fight Film and more info is available on their web site. This film is available on Amazon:

??? – Walker, Texas Ranger – various episodes used different backdrops.  I can find “documentation” (a google) that they used the grain elevator but I think that they once used the North Texas History Center building as well.  Confirmed with MPAC that they also used the historic courthouse.

2002 – Almost  written and directed by Ryan Paige, according to imdb, used McKinney Courier Gazette office and other McKinney locations. (

1999 – Boys Don’t Cry used the McKinney Grain Company and the grain elevator as a backdrop.  Hilary Swank won an oscar for her role in this film. (

1998 – Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack, TV movie starring Clint Black,  available on Amazon (

1996 – A Promise to Carolyn, a made for TV drama featuring Delta Burke, I can’t find this on-line anywhere.

1993 – Murder in the Heartland, TV movie, according to Wikipedia, this film saw a limited release on VHS. Brian Dennehy was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a miniseries and Ronald Victor Garcia was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography. (

1992 – An American Story, TV movie, still available at Amazon on VHS. (

1990 – A Killing in a Small Town, used the historic courthouse. Available on Amazon. (

1988 – Dakota, filmed in the spring of 1987, used the town square. Available on Amazon. (

1987 – When The Time Comes, TV movie, available on VHS from Amazon (

1986 – True Stories, a musical about a fictional Texas town called Virgil directed by David Byrne of the Talking Heads, some scenes were shot in McKinney.  Official site:

1974  – Benji, used The Dowell House Bed & Breakfast, is available in DVD and VHS on Amazon (

I have a heck of a time searching imdb but accidentally ran across the right search to get a current query of everything listed with a location of McKinney, Texas :,%20Texas,%20USA


6 Responses to “McKinney Filmography”

  1. Dean J Augustin

    Hi McKinney Filmography,

    Tripped over your website this morning. Very cool.
    Concerning “ANTHEM.”

    “Anthem” (2005) is a film that explores the fundamental question, “What is an American?” Anthem presents a personal view of how American’s see themselves, and how a single comment, “I’m moving to France,” can come to stand for the greater dream of acceptance and self-worth. Filmed on location in College Station and McKinney, Texas as well as Paris and Normandy, France. Written and Directed by Dean J. Augustin




  2. Lauren

    I was at Spoons Cafe last week and watched a crew filming one actor and one actress. The started filming them outside of Spoons Cafe then they walked across to Landon Winery and then went inside to continue filming for awhile. From what I heard it was for a show on Bravo, something for young couples. It was going to air in June or July.

    • Beth

      Thank you! I’ll start sniffing out news on that. Spoons is such a perfect place for filming in downtown. And Landon’s too! If anyone knows more details, chime in!

  3. Matt

    Thanks for letting us know about the 2006 Prison Break episode! That answers a question a friend had about McKinney being a location for that series.


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