[Shops] On The Square: GiggleBrush Designs

Author: Marcy Johns 

There is an adorable shop on the square that specializes in creating a room as unique and special as your child, GiggleBrush Designs. Before entering GiggleBrush I must warn you that regardless if you have children or not you will leave with something to add to your child’s room, or even a relative or friend’s room, or you’ll leave wishing you had one to buy for.

GiggleBrush has reserved a spot on the square for 3 1/2 years now and is a precious little shop that has baby & children’s clothing, custom bedding, decor, gifts and more. I have been a customer back when GiggleBrush was at it’s first location on the  corner of Lake Forest & Virginia. The personalization to a number of items and customizing your child’s room to look original and unique is what drew me into the shop. Then after getting to know the owner, Kristen, and feeling like I was helping customize my child’s room with one of a kind pieces kept me coming back. 

photo 1

The turn around time varies on the particular item(s) you’re ordering. If it’s something that requires embroidery or paint, it will take 4-6 days to get; however if you are customizing bedding or furniture that can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get. Over the last 5 years I’ve personalized decor for my 2 children ranging from picture frames, step stools, baby books, piggy banks, a lamp shade, clock, growth chart, their birthday banners and baby blankets. Now that I take a closer look at their rooms, they could be a display room for the GiggleBrush website with all the adorable items I’ve purchased over the years. 

photo 2

Nowadays, it always seems that I have a baby shower or child’s birthday party to attend and GiggleBrush is my go to for cute & reasonable gift ideas. Even if it’s a last minute gift, you can run in and get a number of ready to wrap items that vary from Little Giraffe blankets (a popular brand), gowns with matching caps, and frames. They are even nice enough to wrap it for you while you fill out any number of cards they carry. Some of the most popular items that GiggleBrush offers on a day-to-day basis is the clothing, custom bedding and hair accessories for girls, both clips & headbands.  Mustard Pie and Ruffle Butts are just a few of the clothing lines in this baby & children’s boutique that will make for a memorable outfit. 


As my oldest just turned 5 and its time to give her room a new look, I’m confident that GiggleBrush Designs will make it easy for me. I also like knowing that their rooms cannot be duplicated since Kristen & her friendly staff will work with me to customize it so it’s stylish, as well as practical for a 5 year old to live in. Next time you’re down on the square I suggest stopping by GiggleBrush, only if it’s to browse… you’ll fall in love just as so many have. 

Photography: McKinney Foto



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